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Page Title: Document Distribution from the Disbursing Office
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9. 10. Prepare an information sheet similar to the one shown in figure 9-2 for the member. Complete  the  Lump  Sum  Leave  endorsement on the DD 214. DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION FROM THE DISBURSING OFFICE You are now ready to distribute the documents you received  from  the  personnel  office—the  member’s detaching  endorsement,  DD  214,  and  release orders—and  the  member’s  PFR.  Use  the  following procedure  to  distribute  these  documents  and  their respective  copies:      Detaching endorsement. Original in the retained transmittals, one copy in the PFR, and one copy as local procedures require.    DD 214. The original and all copies returned to the personnel division.       PFR. If your activity has FSPC capability, retain the PFR as long as the MMPA is balanced based on local review. (Exceptions: Do not retain the member’s PFR if the member is deceased or has received a Voluntary Separation Incentive or Special   Separation   Benefit   or   if   certain conditions exist, such as a noncompute account, preventing  an  FSPC  worksheet  from  being generated.) If your activity does not have FSPC capability (and if the member’s records do not indicate any of the exceptions we just described), mail  the  PFR  to  DFAS—CL  no  later  than  3 working days after the date of the separation or discharge. The face of the PFR will be annotated with  the  reason  for  submission. FINAL ACTION BY DFAS — CLEVELAND CENTER Within 90 days following the member’s separation, DFAS—CL will balance the MMPA and determine the amount  owed  to  the  member  or  by  the  member, whichever  the  case  may  be.  If  the  member  was underpaid, a check will be sent to the member’s home address  as  shown  on  the  detaching  endorsement.  If  the member was overpaid, action will be taken to collect the overpayment.    In either case, the MMPA will be closed. As a part of the closing of the MMPA, DFAS—CL will prepare a final LES. An IRS W-2 form will also be  prepared  showing  the  member’s  tax  status  for  the current  year  through  the  date  of  discharge.  The  final LES and the IRS W-2 will be mailed to the member’s home  address. OFFICER  PROCESSING Most of the procedures for officer processing are the same as those for enlisted processing. The main differences  are  in  the  beginning  of  the  process.  Since an officer does not have an EAOS, the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) must notify DFAS—CL of the officer’s  pending  release,  resignation,  or  discharge. This  notification  will  include  the  actual  or  approximate date  of  discharge  or  release  from  active  duty  and authorization  for  any  separation  payments  due.  Upon receipt  of  the  notification  from  BUPERS,  DFAS—CL will note the information in the Remarks section of the LES. The required documents, disbursing processing, and document distribution procedures are the same as those we previously described for enlisted members. RETIREMENT OR TRANSFER TO THE FLEET RESERVE When a service member retires or transfers to the Fleet  Reserve,  the  processing  procedure  includes additional steps to those we have previously discussed for separations and discharges. For the most part, the differences  are  in  lead  time  and  documentation. However,  different  processing  procedures  are  also involved.  In  the  following  paragraphs,  we  explain some  of  these  requirements. REQUESTS  FROM  MEMBERS A member requesting retirement or transfer to the Fleet Reserve should forward the request to BUPERS. Upon approval, BUPERS will notify DFAS—CL of the prospective date of the member’s release from active duty. This will be posted to the MMPA. For 4 months before  the  member’s  retirement  or  transfer  to  the  Fleet Reserve, the LES will reflect the necessary separation information  in  the  Remarks  section. DOCUMENTS  REQUIRED In  addition  to  the  normal  separation  documents, detaching   endorsement,   DD   214,   and   orders,   a member’s  retirement  or  transfer  to  the  Fleet  Reserve will   require   the   processing   of   two   additional forms-the  Navy  Retired/Retainer  Pay  Data  Form, NAVCOMPT 2272, and the Fleet Reserve Transfer Authorization,  NAVPERS  1830/2. 9-6

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