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Page Title: Entitlement Factors
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The reason for the advance. The amount of the advance requested. The repayment period in months, if greater than 1 year, but not to exceed the member’s tour of duty at the station. The repayment start date, if other than the month following payment. This date will always be the first day of the month. The member’s request must be submitted with the appropriate  documentation  to  support  the  actual housing expenses. This would include a copy of the lease/rental  agreement,  applicable  utility  company statements, and any other pertinent documentation that will help determine the actual costs. The approving official must review these facts before approving the member’s request for payment. AMOUNT.—  The   amount   to   be   advanced normally  should  not  exceed  the  total  of  1  year’s allowances the member expects to accrue. A larger amount  may  be  authorized  if  justified  by  proper documentation. In no case will the advance payment exceed  the  anticipated  housing  expenses  or  the  OHA and  BAQ  accruable  for  the  member’s  tour  at  that station, whichever is less. In addition, the member’s ability to repay the advance, considering other advances of pay that may have been made and any recurring pay deductions,  will  be  considered  in  determining  the amount  to  be  authorized.  Expenses  identified  by  a member that will be used in the purchase of any real estate or living accommodations will not be considered as a basis for authorizing or determining the amount of the  advance. LIQUIDATION.—  Liquidation  of  the  advance usually will be at a rate of not less than equal monthly installments  of  one-twelfth  of  the  amount  advanced  per month for the next 12 months. Collection will begin on the first day of the month after payment has been made unless the member requests a later starting date and the authorizing  official  agrees  that  it  is  justified.  The starting date may be postponed up to 3 months after the advance is paid. The repayment may be spread over a period of more than 1 year, but is not to exceed the member’s tour at the station. COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE COLAs   are   paid   to   help   members   maintain purchasing power when they are assigned to high-cost overseas  areas,  including  Hawaii  and  Alaska.  The COLA  system  compares  a  difference  in  cost  for  a “market basket” of goods and services purchased in an overseas area to a similar market basket purchased in CONUS. Using these data, the PDTTAC calculates the COLA index for an area. The COLA index is a number that represents the purchasing power difference for an overseas area versus CONUS. A COLA index of 110 means that prices are 10 percent more expensive overall than in CONUS. The COLA index for specific overseas areas can be found in the  JFTR, Volume  1,  appendix  J. Entitlement  Factors The entitlement to a COLA will be based on one or more   of   the   following   factors:   (1)   the   member’s dependency  status,  (2)  the  availability  of  government messing  facilities,  and/or  (3)  the  type  of  quarters occupied. First, we will look at the entitlement factors for a member without dependents. Later, we will look at the same factors for a member with dependents. MEMBER WITHOUT DEPENDENTS.—  For a member  without  dependents,  the  following  factors represent  the  classifications  and  types  of  entitlements. Government Mess Not Available.— COLA will be payable for any day during which a government mess is not available for three meals a day at the PDS. This allowance is not payable for any period in excess of 30 consecutive days the member is on leave in CONUS. Government Quarters and Mess Available.— A member residing in government quarters at a PDS (including  a  vessel)  where  a  government  mess  is available is entitled to a COLA of 47 percent (rounded to the closest penny) of the full rate specified for a member without dependents. This rate will also apply to a member who does not use an available government mess b e c a u s e    o f the p r e s e n c e    o f noncommand-sponsored   dependents. Enlisted Member on Separate Rations.—  An enlisted member for whom government quarters are not available  who  is  authorized  to  mess  separately  is entitled to a COLA. Members Authorized   To occupy Nongovernment Quarters.—  A member in grade E-7 or  higher  occupying  nongovemment  quarters  is  entitled to COLA for any day during which it is impractical to use the existing government mess for all three meals. A member assigned to a ship or an afloat unit will have the  COLA  reduced  to  47  percent  of  the  full  rate beginning on the day the ship is deployed when the period of the deployment is more than 30 days. This 8-8

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