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Page Title: General Rules for Country Coding Selected Transactions
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ways in which this important element of the accounting classification  code  is  used. UNIT IDENTIFICATION CODES The UIC is a five-digit number that identifies an entity in the Department of the Navy or Department of Defense. Every command has a UIC. In fact, UICs are also assigned to civilian contractors and others who do business  with  the  Department  of  Defense.  Besides being used in the accounting classification code, as we mentioned earlier, UICs also appear in the Paid By section of public vouchers to aid in the identification of the disbursing officer of the agency making payments. UICs are also used in the Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) for such things as the distribution of leave and earnings statements (LESs) and identification of   the   responsible   paying   offices   for   pay   and allowances. The complete listing of Navy UICs can be found in the Navy  Comptroller  Manual  (NAVCOMPT Manual). Volume 2, chapter 5. INTERNATIONAL BALANCE OF PAYMENTS The   identification   of   financial   transactions involving other countries is important to the United States Government. The economic well-being of the United States is directly influenced by the international balance of payments (BOP). The Comptroller of the Navy is responsible for coordinating and developing policies  and  procedures  regarding  foreign  currency exchanges and other international financial transactions involving  the  Department  of  the  Navy.  The  comptroller establishes  procedures  for  the  use  of  foreign  currency in those countries in which the United States has Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs), NATO Agreements, or Base Rights Agreements. Favored nation exchange rates  for  official  transactions  and  for  accommodation exchanges for United States personnel are sought by the comptroller as well. Any  transaction  that  affects  the  international  BOP must carry a two-character alpha code identifying the country involved in the transaction. An example is CA for Canada. Chapter 7 of the NAVCOMPT  Manual, Volume 2, contains the assigned country codes and the rules for applying them. Some general rules are shown in table 2-1. Remember, you can find additional information about the rules for selecting and applying country codes in chapter 7 of Volume 2 of the NAVCOMPT  Manual. As well as the required country codes, you must also   be   aware   of   any   applicable   expenditure   or collection category codes. In fact, any voucher that requires  a  country  code  must  also  have  either  a three-digit   expenditure   category   code   for disbursements  or  a  two-digit  source  code  for collections. These codes apply to transactions affecting disbursements   and   collections   involving   any appropriation,  including  all  general,  revolving,  deposit, special, or trust funds, as well as any general fund Table 2-1.-General Rules for Country Coding Selected Transactions 2-8

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