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Page Title: Information Required
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Information Required.— Regardless  of  whether an investigation was conducted, specific information is necessary  to  provide  a  complete  report  of  the circumstances resulting in the irregularity. When an irregularity  occurs  in  a  DO’s  account,  there  is  a presumption of fault or negligence on the part of the accountable person. It is the responsibility of the person requesting relief to dispel any doubt that the irregularity was not the result of any fault or negligence on his or her part. When not supplied in the findings of any court of inquiry,  board  of  investigation,  court-martial,  or  other proceeding,  certain  required  information  (including  the endorsements) must be supplied and considered in the request for relief, as appropriate. Failure to provide all the   required   information   could   contribute   to   an unfavorable  decision  on  the  request.  The  accountable person  requesting  relief  of  liability  should  furnish  the following   documentation: The specific duty assignment of the accountable individual  when  the  irregularity  occurred. A statement showing when, how, and by whom the irregularity was discovered, A description of the action taken to verify the irregularity  and  establish  how  it  occurred. A statement of when the last cash count and balancing  was  effected  prior  to  the  discovery  of the irregularity. The   prevailing   circumstances   when   the irregularity  occurred.  (Prevailing  circumstances could  include  the  volume  of  money  handled, volume of transactions performed, number of personnel   involved,   complexity   of   the transactions, actual operating conditions, and whether  a  shortage  of  disbursing  personnel existed.) A copy of the appropriate standard operating procedures in effect at the time the irregularity occurred.  (If  no  written  procedures  are available, a statement must be provided setting forth  the  known  and  used  procedures  followed at the time the irregularity occurred.) A   statement   indicating   whether   pertinent regulations and instructions were followed. (Or, if they were not followed, an explanation and justification  for  any  omissions  or  deviations.) A statement of past involvement, if any, by the individual   requesting   relief   in   any   prior irregularities. A statement indicating whether theft or other criminal acts may have been involved. A  description  of  the  manner  in  which  the irregularity is being carried in the DO’s account and the identity of the DO. Endorsements Required.— Each addressee in the requestor’s   chain   of   command   must   provide   a forwarding   statement. (The  chain  of  command includes  the  accountable  DO  when  the  requestor  is  a deputy,  agent,  or  other  accountable  person  under  the jurisdiction  of  the  current,  accountable  DO.)  This endorsement should include a specific opinion as to whether the irregularity occurred while the accountable individual was in the line of duty. It should also contain a specific opinion about whether the individual was without  fault  or  negligence  in  the  matter. The e n d o r s e m e n t    s h o u l d    p r o v i d e    a specific recommendation as to whether relief should be granted. REVIEW   PROCESS   FOR   RELIEF   OF RESPONSIBILITY.—  Upon receipt of the request for relief,  DFAS-CL  will  review  it.  The  DFAS-CL  will review  all  endorsements  and  the  report  of  investigation for  such  things  as  completeness,  validity,  and acceptance. If the request or endorsements are not considered  adequate,  further  information  will  be requested. Relief of liability will not be granted or denied without review and coordination of the Office of General Counsel at DFAS-CL. Relief Granted.— If  relief  is  granted,  DFAS-CL will provide a letter of instruction for removal of the deficiency  from  the  DO’s  account. Relief Denied.— If relief is denied, the CO will be directed to take immediate collection action against the accountable   individual.   Procedures   for   effecting collection   of   irregularities   and   processing   and accounting  for  the  collection  are  prescribed  in  the DODFMR,  Volume  5. DEALING WITH THE ABSENCE OR INCAPACITY OF A DISBURSING OFFICER OR A DEPUTY AT A BRANCH DISBURSING OFFICE When a DO dies, is incapacitated, or is removed from  disbursing  duty  for  cause  (including  unauthorized absence), the CO must take the following actions: 1-15

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