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Page Title: Navy Retired/Retainer Pay Data Form
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Navy Retired/Retainer Pay Data Form Commands  must  make  sure  preretirement counseling is given to a prospective retiree at least 45 days before the member’s prospective retirement date. During  this  counseling  period,  the  member  should complete  a  Navy  Retired/Retainer  Pay  Data  Form, NAVCOMPT  2272.  This  form  is  used  to  make  the designation  of  beneficiaries  for  unpaid  retired  pay, establish rates for federal and state withholding taxes, certify  dependents,  and  elect  the  level  of  Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) participation. The  original  NAVCOMPT  2272  will  be  forwarded to the disbursing office along with any correspondence from the member relating to the SBP. The disbursing office will mail the NAVCOMPT 2272 to DFAS—CL no later than 30 days before the effective date of the member’s retirement or release from active duty. Fleet Reserve Transfer Authorization The   Fleet   Reserve   Transfer   Authorization, NAVPERS 1830/2, is a BUPERS form authorizing the member’s transfer to the Fleet Reserve. It includes a statement of service. The CO endorses this form and forwards  it  to  disbursing.  As  part  of  the  final processing, the DO endorses the form stating that the account has been processed and payment has been made. The original is filed in the member’s PFR, copy 2 goes to the DO’s retained files, and the remaining copies  are  returned  to  the  personnel  division. ALLOTMENTS When a member is retiring or transferring to the Fleet Reserve, the disbursing office must know how to handle  the  member’s  allotments.  Certain  allotments, such  as  Class  C,  E,  and  U  allotments,  must  be discontinued.  Other  allotments,  such  as  one  that  was administratively  started  because  of  garnishment,  must continue. Still  others  may  be  deducted  from  the member’s retainer checks upon request by the member. Because  of  this,  a  member  who  is  retiring  or transferring to the Fleet Reserve must be interviewed to determine which (if any) allotments will be continued. This interview should take place in time for the member to establish any new allotments he or she desires before retirement. DISPOSITION  OF  RETIRED/RETAINER CHECKS In  conjunction  with  the  allotment  counseling,  the member must also be counseled regarding the options available for the disposition of his or her retired/retainer checks. The preferred method is by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a bank, credit union, or other financial institution. Often,  the  member  will  want  to  use  the  same financial institution and account number he or she used for direct deposit while on active duty. In this case, the documents filed in the member’s PFR that were used to establish  the  direct  deposit  should  be  forwarded  with the  NAVCOMPT  2272. A  member  may  desire  a  different  financial institution or account number or may not have had direct deposit while on active duty. In such cases, any of  the  same  source  documents  used  for  direct  deposit may be used to establish the EFT to the member’s desired  institution. If the EFT has not been established by the time the member retires, the checks will be mailed to the address on the NAVCOMPT 2272. Members who do not desire to  use  EFT  may  have  their  checks  mailed  monthly  to the address of their choice. DOCUMENT  DISTRIBUTION The  documents  associated  with  a  member’s retirement or transfer to the Fleet Reserve are basically distributed in the same way as the documents associated with a separation or discharge. However, in the case of a  retirement  or  transfer  to  the  Fleet  Reserve,  the following  additional  requirements  apply: A copy of the detaching endorsement is forwarded to DFAS—CL, Retired Pay Department (Code JRE) All PFRs are forwarded within 3 working days with a  copy  of  the  detaching  endorsement  and  the  original NAVPERS  1830/2  filed  inside. DEATH  GRATUITY For a service member who dies, a death gratuity in the  amount  of  $6,000  will  be  paid  to  the  eligible beneficiaries.  The  death  gratuity  is  paid  regardless  of whether the member’s death occurred in the line of duty or was the result of the member’s misconduct. 9-8

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