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Page Title: Overseas Station Allowances
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CHAPTER 8 PAY ENTITLEMENTS In Disbursing Clerk 3 &  2,  NAVEDTRA  12658, you were introduced to military pay and allowances. In this chapter, you will read about the two pay entitlement areas that seem to cause more problems than any other entitlements-overseas  station  allowances  and  variable housing  allowances. After reading the information in this chapter, you should be able to describe the purpose of these pay entitlements,  identify  and  use  some  terms  associated with  them,  and  recognize  their  disbursing  procedures and required documentation. As a senior Disbursing Clerk   (DK),   you   will   be   called   upon   to   provide supervision  in  these  areas. OVERSEAS  STATION ALLOWANCES The purpose of the overseas station allowance is to help defray the additional costs that a member will incur in conjunction with being assigned to an overseas area. In  this  section,  we  will  talk  about  three  of  these allowances:  (1)  overseas  housing  allowance  (OHA), (2) cost of living allowance (COLA), and (3) temporary lodging allowance (TLA). The purpose of the OHA is to allow a member assigned to an overseas location to defray  a  significant  amount  of  the  housing  cost associated  with  that  duty  station.  The  purpose  of  the COLA is to help a member maintain purchasing power whenever he or she is assigned to a duty station in a high-cost  overseas  area.  The  purpose  of  the  TLA  is  to allow a member to be partially reimbursed for the more than  normal  expenses  associated  with  temporary lodgings and meals. TERMINOLOGY Before  discussing  each  of  these  entitlements  in greater  detail,  we  need  to  define  a  few  terms.  For  the purpose   of   our   discussion   of   overseas   station allowances,  the  terms  associated  with  this  type  of entitlement  will  be  used  consistently  throughout  this chapter according to the definitions in the following paragraphs. Member With Dependents As  applied  to  overseas  station  allowances,  a member with dependents is defined as a member who meets  the  following  qualifications: Is authorized to have dependents reside at or in the vicinity of the member’s permanent duty station (PDS) outside the continental United States (CONUS) and whose dependents do so reside Is joined by or who acquires dependents while serving  outside  CONUS,  provided  the  dependents  are command  sponsored Had a member spouse who was later released from active duty or separated from the service and remained in the vicinity of the first member’s duty station as of the effective date of permanent change of station  (PCS)  orders The requirements do not apply to members whose PDSs are in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or a U.S. territory  or  possession  if  the  dependents  who  join  the member or are acquired by the member are bona fide residents of the respective state, commonwealth, or territory or possession. This requirement is also waived for officers or employees of the United States who are stationed in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or a U.S. territory or possession. Member Without Dependents In regard to overseas station allowances, a  member without dependents is defined as a member who meets the  following  qualifications: Has  no  dependents Has dependents who do not reside in the vicinity of the member’s PDS Is   considered   to   be   a   member   without dependents  according  to  the  preceding  criteria, but   acquires   dependents   or   is   joined   by dependents  during  the  remainder  of  a  tour Has  noncommand-sponsored  dependents residing in the vicinity of the PDS 8-1

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