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Page Title: Recertified Check Register
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Payees who have previously negotiated both the original check and the recertified check that was issued to replace it Payees  who  have  received  more  than  three recertified check payments in the past 6 months or have received  more  than  four  recertified  check  payments  in a 12-month period Payees who report nonreceipt of a recertified check Payees requesting replacement of other than a recently  issued  original  check Payees other than a deputy, agent, or cashier requesting  replacement  of  an  exchange-for-cash  check ISSUES WHEN THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY STATUS IS PAID.—  Occasionally,  a payee  may  have  a  valid  claim  against  the  U.S. Government  even  when  the  U.S.  Treasury  has determined  that  the  original  check  was  paid.  The following two examples are situations in which the DO would be authorized to issue a recertified check to a payee even when the Treasury status of the original check is reported as paid: The DO has received a photocopy of the original check;  the  payee  is  claiming  the  endorsement  signature is a forgery; and the payee has completed an FMS Form 1133, Claim Against the United States for the Proceeds of a Government Check, for the DO’s submission to the U.S.  Treasury. The payee has made a formal complaint that the endorsement on the original check was obtained under duress. ISSUES   FOLLOWING   RECEIPT   OF   A CLAIMS  DISPOSITION  NOTICE.—  A payee is ultimately entitled to a recertified check when the DO receives a Claims Disposition Notice, TFS Form 3859. Generally, the TFS 3859 is used to advise the DO and the payee of the results of the Treasury’s investigation concerning the unavailable check. The payee would be entitled  to  a  recertified  check  under  the  following conditions: The Department of the Treasury has determined that the endorsement on the original check was forged and is in the process of collecting through the banking system (bank reclamation), refund pending The Department of the Treasury has determined that  the  payee  is  entitled  to  the  proceeds  of  the  check (the endorsement on the original check was forged but the period for bank reclamation has expired), settlement authorized Recertified  Check  Register A disbursing office must provide the necessary controls and cross-references over unavailable check cancellations. The DD Form 2662, Recertified Check Register, is used for this purpose. As shown by figure 4-7,  the  DD  2662  contains  identifying  information about  the  recertified  payment  check,  payee  claims,  and collection information. It also contains the required information to identify the original check serial number, date, amount, payee, and status of the check as provided by Treasury. ACCOUNTING  FOR  RECERTIFIED CHECKS THROUGH ACCOUNT 17F3880 All charges for recertified checks issued to replace canceled unavailable original checks and credits to restore  funds  for  canceled  checks  to  which  payees  are not entitled are cleared through Unavailable Check Cancellations and Overpayments, Suspense, 17F3880. This   account   is   restricted   to   recertified   check transactions and will not be used for any other purpose. Vouchers Used for Account 17F3880 All DOs are required to voucher disbursement and collection  transactions  affecting  account  17F3880.  For a disbursement, a DO would use a Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal, DD Form 1034.  For  a  collection,  a  DO  would  use  a  Cash Collection  Voucher,  DD  Form  1131. Control, Review, and Reporting of Balances in Account 17F3880 Account 17F3880 is a clearing account. Each DO must take aggressive action to clear the charges and credits entered in the account as quickly as possible. This means the balance must be returned to zero as rapidly as possible. The disbursing office is required to maintain a record  of  all  charges  or  credits  that  make  up  the cumulative balance of this account. To ensure timely action, the DO or primary deputy will personally review the account balance at least monthly to verify that all necessary actions are being taken to clear the balances. In addition, the DO will certify the balance of this account  semiannually  to  DFAS-CL. 4-17

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