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Page Title: Schedule of Canceled or Undelivered Checks
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SCHEDULE  OF  CANCELED  OR UNDELIVERED  CHECKS The collection voucher used for an undeliverable check  is  the  Schedule  of  Canceled  or  Undelivered Checks, SF 1098. On the SF 1098, each undeliverable check will be credited to the appropriation and subhead originally  charged. Required  Information The SF 1098 must be prepared in triplicate. For each undeliverable check, the following data should be shown in the appropriate space provided in the body of the SF 1098: Month and year of issue Check serial number (and DSSN if other than the DSSN shown in the heading of the form) Name  of  payee Amount of check Accounting  data  credited The spaces at the bottom of the SF 1098 will be left blank. Distribution of the SF 1098 The SF 1098 is prepared in triplicate. The original and one copy of this form will be submitted with the financial returns. The remaining copy will be retained. Accounts  Involved If the proper appropriation to be credited cannot be determined  immediately,  the  amount  of  the  check should be collected into suspense account 17F3875. The  SF  1098  should  include  all  the  information available about the identity and location of the payee of the check. If after 1 year the appropriation is still not determinable, the funds will be transferred to Treasury miscellaneous  receipt  account  171060. Claim  Processing Claims  for  undeliverable  checks  that  were  canceled will be paid by the disbursing office that made the collection. The disbursement will be made on an SF 1034 and charged to the appropriation that was charged on the SF 1098. Reference will be made to the original check by serial number; amount; DSSN; and the month, year, and account in which the undeliverable check was collected. A record of the claim and disposition shall be entered on the DD 2658. CUSTODY  PROCEDURES  WHEN DISBURSING OFFICERS ARE DETACHED When a DO is detached without a relief, special procedures   are   associated   with   the   custody   and disposition  of  undeliverable  checks  at  the  time  of detachment. When a DO is detached and disbursing operations for the ship or activity are assumed by another ship or activity,  the  successor  activity  will  assume  custody  of the undeliverable checks for processing. When a DO is otherwise detached without a relief, such as in the case of the decommissioning of a ship, the undeliverable checks will be taken up as a collection and deposited without regard to the 60-day holding period.  The  record  of  undeliverable  checks  will  be turned  over  to  the  office  designated  to  settle  the accounts of the detached DO. UNAVAILABLE  CHECK CANCELLATIONS An unavailable U.S. Treasury check is defined as a properly vouchered and issued check that is not held by the DO or the payee. As a senior DK, you should be able to identify some specific requirements involved in the  cancellation  of  unavailable  checks.  You  should  be especially aware of the requirements involving the issue of  replacement  checks. TIME LIMITS The following time limits apply to the cancellation of  unavailable  checks  and  claims  by  payees  for replacement  checks: The  payee  must  report  the  loss,  theft,  or mutilation within 6 years from the date of issue or the claim is barred by the statute of limitations for claims against  the  government. When the original check is more than 1 year old, certain procedures will be followed for its cancellation. (We discuss these procedures at the end of this chapter.) When the original check is less than 1 year old, specific procedures will be used for its cancellation and replacement.  We  examine  these  conditions  in  greater detail in the following sections. 4-12

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