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Page Title: Transactions During Period Affecting Accountability
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Sections In   the   following   paragraphs,   we   will   briefly describe the different sections of the SF 1219 and how they are used. Refer to figures 7-7 and 7-8 as you read these descriptions. Assume you are responsible for the entries  and  their  associated  procedures.  Remember,  the DD 2657 to which we will refer is the final DD 2657 for  the  reporting  period. HEADING.— The heading section of the SF 1219 is   self-explanatory. SECTION   I,   GENERAL   STATEMENT   OF ACCOUNT.— Section I consists of the following parts: Part  A.—Transactions  During  Period  Affecting Accountability Part  B .—Analysis   of   Incumbent   Officer’s Accountability Part   C.—Analysis   of   Predecessor   Officer’s Accountability Part A.—Transactions During Period Affecting Accountability.—   As  the  title  implies,  Part  A summarizes the transactions during the period that affects accountability. As previously stated, the amounts on the Statement  of  Accountability  are  derived  from  the various Month-to-Date totals on the DD 2657. Refer to figure 7-7 and locate line 1.00 in Section I, Part A. This amount  represents  the  total  accountability  at  the beginning of the accounting period; therefore, line 1.00 will equal the Month-to-Date column total from line 1.00 of the DD 2657. This amount must be the same amount that  was  reported  as  the  Accountability  Close  of  Period amount on line 5.00 of the SF 1219 for the previous reporting period. In the case of relieving DOs the amount shown in line 1.00 of Part A must be the same as the amount shown on line 11.0 of the relieved DO’s final SF 1219. DOs reporting foreign currency will enter the amount  of  foreign  currency  (including  depositary  checking accounts) held at the beginning of the reporting period in the blank space opposite the caption for line 1.00. Next, locate line 2.0 in Section 1, Part A. Lines beginning  with  the  number  2  are  concerned  with increases  in  accountability.  Line  2.1  reports  the  total amount of U.S. Treasury checks issued. This amount must  agree  with  the  combined  Month-to-Date  column totals  of  lines  2.1A  and  2.1B  of  the  DD  2657.  This amount must also agree with the amount in Section II, Part A, column 5, on the reverse of the SF 1219 (as shown in fig. 7-8) and with the net total of checks issued as reported on the SF 1179. Be aware that any checks issued on a depositary checking account will not be included  in  this  total  but  will  be  treated  as  cash transactions. Lines 2.34 and 2.36 are not used. Line 2.37  is  used  to  record  the  final  accountability  of  a deactivated DSSN that is being assumed by the DO. This  amount  will  equal  the  Month-to-Date  column  on line 2.37 of the DD 2657. Generally, line 2.39 is not used; however, designated DOs participating in the Treasury’s On-Line Payment and Collection System may use this line. The amount in line 2.9 represents total  increases  in  accountability  for  the  accounting period.  Now,  locate  line  3.0,  which  represents  the subtotal  of  the  amounts  in  the  preceding  lines. Next,  locate  line  4.0,  Decreases  in  Accountability. (Notice how after the increases in accountability are reported in Part A, the decreases are summarized.) The amount in line 4.1 represents the net disbursements for the month and equals the Month-to-Date column total from line 4.lF of the DD 2657. The amount entered in line 4.2, Deposits Presented or Mailed to Bank, will equal the combined Month-to-Date column totals of lines 4.2A and 4.2B of the DD 2657. This amount must also agree with the amount in Section II, Part B, column 5, on the reverse of the SF 1219 as well as the amount from  line  20.0  of  the  Schedule  of  Deposit  Activity. Lines 4.34 and 4.36 are not used. Line 4.37 is used only when   the   DSSN   is   being   deactivated   and   final accountability is being transferred to another disbursing office. Line 4.39 is not used. Line 4.9 represents the total decreases in accountability for the accounting period. Line 5.00, Total Accountability Close of Period, represents exactly what it says—the total accountability at the close of the accounting period. It will equal the Month-to-Date column total online 5.0 of the DD 2657. Part  B.—Analysis   of   Incumbent   Officer’s Accountability. — Part B is an analysis of the present DO’s accountability. Be aware that several lines in Part B do not have titles but are still designated for specific information. Locate line 6.1 in Part B. The amount in line 6.1 will equal the Month-to-Date column total from line 6.1 of the DD 2657. If there is only one Limited Depositary   Account   (LDA),   show   the   name   and location  on  the  Name  and  Location  of  Depositary  line of the description column. If more than one LDA is maintained by your office, attach a schedule to each copy  of  the  SF  1219  showing  the  name,  location, foreign currency unit, and U.S. dollar equivalent for each LDA, and show the total of all LDAs on line 6.1. Enter “See Attached” on the Name and Location of Depositary line. Amounts on this line will always be reported  in  U.S.  dollars  and  agree  with  the  DO’s computed  LDA  checkbook  balance. 7-11

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