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Page Title: Assignment 1: 10 - 19
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1-10. Which of the following duties is NOT a requirement for the messenger of the watch? 1. Being  in  the  proper  uniform 2. Remaining  uncovered  in  officer country 3. Obtaining  permission  from  the petty officer of the watch before  going  to  lunch 4. Delivering  messages  quickly  and directly 1-11. You are the messenger of the watch during the noon meal. You have a message for the Chief Signalman. Upon entering the CPO mess you should remained covered. 1. True 2. False 1-12. You  are  answering  an  incoming  phone call. Which  of  the  following information  is  NOT  required  upon picking  up  the  receiver? 1. Your  name 2. Your  command 3. Your  position 4. Your CO's name 1-13. As a phone watch messenger, you receive a call for someone who is not present. Which of the following  notations  should  you make? 1. Name of the caller and time the message  was  received  only 2. The message and time only 3. Name of the caller, the message, the time the message was received, and your name 4. Name of the caller, the message,  and  your  name  only 1-14. The  Boatswain's  Mate  piped  four veers on the Bos'n pipe. How  many side boys are needed? 1. Six 2. Two 3. Eight 4. Four 1-15. In rendering honors with side boys, when does the call OVER THE SIDE begin? 1. As soon as the visitor's boat or  vehicle  comes  within  hailing distance 2. As soon as the visitor's head appears  at  the  quarterdeck level 3. As soon as the visitor's boat or  vehicle  pulls  alongside 4. As soon as the visitor steps on the  quarterdeck 1-16. You are serving as a side boy. At what call of the Boatswain's pipe should you render the hand salute? 1. ATTENTION 2. ALONGSIDE 3. WALK  BACK 4. OVER THE SIDE 1-17. You  are  assigned  a  security  watch aboard  ship. At least how often should you make reports to the officer of the deck (OOD)? 1. Every 15 min 2. Every 30 min 3. Every 45 min 4. Every  hour 1-18. While  standing  an  anchor  watch,  you notice that the line tends forward and there is no slack. What is the probable condition of the anchor? 1. The ship is surging aft 2. The ship is surging forward 3. The ship is dragging anchor 4. The ship is veering around the anchor 1-19. To what officer does the OOD report concerning the carrying out of the ship's  routine? 1. Commanding  officer 2. Executive  officer 3. Navigator 4. Junior officer of the deck 2

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