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Page Title: Tying Single and Double Becket Bends
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Figure 3-12.–Square knot. Figure 3-13.–Tying single and double becket bends. The bowline is a good knot with many uses. It is the best known knot for bending two lines together. used whenever a loop is needed, such as in making a However, it can jam on a strain and become very temporary  eye  in  a  mooring  line. difficult  to  untie. You must know which knot or splice will serve best in different circumstances such as tying up to a mooring or dock, rigging aloft or over the side during painting, and  highline  transfer  during  replenishment. In the small group of knots described in this section, you will find every knot you will need around the decks, together with an idea of the uses to which each may be put. You should make every effort to learn them. According to a Seaman's use of the term knot, the line usually is bent to itself. The knot forms an eye or knob or secures a cord or line around an object, such as a package. For a square knot, both parts of the line must be under the same bight. If one part is up and the other part is down, you have a granny knot, which is of no use to any seaman. Figure 3-12 shows how to get a square knot every  time. Here is the proper procedure for tying a square knot: Take the end in your right hand, say to yourself, “over-under,” and pass it over and under the part in your left hand, as shown. With your right hand take the end that was in your left, say to yourself this time, “under-over,” and pass it under and over the part in your left hand. A  bend  ordinarily  is  used  to  join  two  lines together. The square knot, also called the reef knot, is A becket bend, is especially good for bending together two lines of different sizes. Figure 3-13 details 3-11

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