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Page Title: Navy College Offices
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The Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) Servicemembers  Opportunity  Colleges—  Navy (SOCNAV-2) Associates Level Servicemembers  Opportunity  Colleges—   Navy (SOCNAV-4) Bachelor’s Level The  Navy’s  National  Apprenticeship  Program (NNAP) We  will  also  discuss  the  following  information covered  under  the  Defense  Activity  for  Non-Tradi- tional Education Support (DANTES): Nontraditional Education DANTES Examination Program DANTES Distance Learning Programs DANTES Troops to Teachers DANTES Publications And  finally,  we  will  discuss  the  following information  covered  under  the  Department  of Veterans’   Affairs  (VA)  Educational  Assistance Programs: Post-Vietnam  Era  Veterans’   Educational Assistance Program Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984 Selected  Reserve  and  National  Guard  benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill NAVY COLLEGE OFFICES Learning  Objectives:  Recognize  the  role  of  Navy College  Offices;  identify  the  various  types  of educational  programs  that  can  be  pursued  through Navy College Offices and the manner in which each can be accomplished.   The  Navy  College  Offices  are  staffed  by  a worldwide network of civilian educational advisors at major  commands.    The  offices  offer  educational opportunities  and  programs  to  meet  the  individual needs  and  interests  of  Navy  personnel,  which  for enlisted personnel can be met primarily through the Navy  College  Program.    The  Navy  College  Offices offer  educational  counseling,  testing  programs through DANTES, and financial aid through the Navy Tuition Assistance Program.  SECNAVINST 1560.4 and OPNAVINST 1560.9 govern Voluntary Education Programs.  There are approximately 60 Navy College Offices located worldwide and they are managed by the  Naval  Education  and  Training  Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) in Pensacola, Florida.  The web site for the Navy College Program  is  http://  www.  In addition to the vision/components of the Navy College Program stated earlier, Navy College Offices also have the following goals: To  enhance  the  personal  and  professional development of Navy personnel To develop the leadership capabilities of service members and enhance mission readiness To  prepare  personnel  for  career  advancement/ promotions in rate/rank To  support  a  sense  of  personal  worth  and accomplishment Personnel  should  receive  counseling  about  the Navy College Program within 30 days after arrival at their first permanent duty station. Anyone desiring to take advantage of the Navy’s educational opportunities should start by visiting the command’s ESO.  The ESO and Navy College Office counselors  work  together.    They  can  help  members make  the  best  use  of  educational  programs.    To  be effective, Navy College Offices must coordinate with and have the support of all ESOs at sea and ashore. Q1.    The  Navy  College  Offices  offer  what  type  of education programs? Q2.   Within how many days upon arrival should newly reported personnel receive counseling about the Navy College Program? EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES PURSUED THROUGH NAVY COLLEGE OFFICES The Navy College Offices open doors to civilian colleges for military personnel and provide them the opportunity to pursue education.  Regardless of where personnel  are  stationed,  they  can  earn  the  same academic  degrees  earned  by  students  outside  the military service.  Personnel in paygrades E-3 through E-5  who  earn  either  an  associate  and/or  a  bachelor degree  while  on  active  duty  earn  promotion  points toward  advancement.    Personnel  in  paygrades  E-6 through  E-8  who  earn  either  an  associate,  bachelor, and/or  graduate  degree  while  on  active  duty  could receive  favorable  consideration  by  their  respective 2-2

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