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Page Title: Assignment 1: 15 - 24
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3 1-15. To be eligible for tuition assistance, a Navy reservist must be ordered to active duty for what minimum period of time? 1. 60 days 2. 90 days 3. 120 days 4. 180 days 1-16. To receive tuition assistance, the member must be attending an accredited institution. What organization should be contacted to determine if the institution is accredited? 1. The Navy College Office 2. American Council on Education 3. The Chief of Naval Education and Training 4. The Educational Service Officer 1-17. A commissioned officer applying for tuition assistance must agree to remain on active duty for at least how many years, if any, after completion of the course? 1. 1 year 2. 2 years 3. 3 years 4. None 1-18. What is the maximum amount of tuition assistance that may be provided per semester hour for undergraduate courses? 1. 90% of tuition not to exceed $150.00 2. 80% of tuition not to exceed $285.50 3. 75% of tuition not to exceed $187.50 4. 50% of tuition not to exceed $200.00 1-19. What is the maximum amount of tuition assistance that may be provided to a member in a fiscal year? 1. $600.00 2. $1,000.00 3. $2,700.00 4. $3,500.00 1-20. Tuition assistance for a vocational or technical course will pay what maximum percentage, if any? 1. 75% 2. 50% 3. 100% 4. None 1-21. The Tuition Assistance Program will fund 100% of what courses? 1. Vocational 2. Undergraduate 3. Independent study 4. High school completion 1-22. Who may impose policy changes on the level of funding and the priorities for authorizing tuition assistance? 1. The Chief of Naval Operations 2. The Chief of Naval Education and Training 3. The Secretary of the Navy 4. The Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center 1-23. When, if ever, should applicants submit an application for tuition assistance to a Navy College Office? 1. On class convening date 2. Before class completion date 3. Before class convening date 4. Never; applications should be submitted directly to the school 1-24. What, if anything, does academic skills training cost the member? 1. Tuition only 2. Tuition, books and lab fees 3. Registration fee only 4. Nothing

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