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Page Title: Assignment 2: 1 - 17
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10 2-9. To be eligible for the NROTC Scholarship program, applicants, without a waiver, can NOT have reached their 27th birthday before which of the following events? 1. Date of application 2. Date school starts 3. 30 June of their senior year of college 4. 30 June in the year in which they are eligible for commissioning 2-10. What program specifically prepares selected applicants for entry into the NROTC Scholarship program or the U.S. Naval Academy? 1. STAR 2. SCORE 3. BOOST 4. NCPACE 2-11. Where is BOOST training conducted? 1. Pensacola, FL 2. Norfolk, VA 3. Newport, RI 4. San Diego, CA 2-12. The BOOST program provides college preparatory curriculum for a total of how many months? 1. 6 2. 10 3. 12 4. 18 2-13. Which of the following basic eligibility requirements is required for all candidates applying for enlisted to officer commissioning programs? 1. Must be a college graduate 2. Must be on active duty 3. Must be at least 21 years of age 4. Must be a U.S. citizen 2-14. Under the Seaman to Admiral program, selectees are provided a maximum of how many months to complete a baccalaureate degree? 1. 12 2. 24 3. 36 4. 48 2-15. Enlisted candidates selected for the Seaman to Admiral program are entitled to which of the following benefits while attending school? 1. Paid tuition 2. Full Navy pay 3. Opportunity to advance in paygrade 4. All the above 2-16.    OCS is a commissioning program available for which of the following individuals? 1. Graduates from NROTC only 2. Anyone who possesses a baccalaureate degree 3. BOOST graduates only 4. Selectees for CWO or LDO 2-17. Enlisted personnel with previous college credits can complete requirements for a baccalaureate degree and commission under which of the following programs? 1. STAR 2. ECP 3. SCORE 4. NCPACE

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