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Page Title: Assignment 3: 33 - 40
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21 3-33. When ordering Navywide advancement examinations by message, the request should be listed in what order, if any? 1. Paygrade 2. Alphabetical by candidates last name 3. Alphabetical by rating 4. None 3-34. Detailed instructions for preparing the Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating (worksheet) can be found in which of the following publications? 1. Bibliography for Advancement Study 2. Advancement Manual 3. Naval Military Personnel Manual 4. Enlisted Transfer Manual 3-35. Upon completion of the Navywide advancement examination, what action should be taken with the worksheet? 1. Retained in command files for 2 years 2. Destroyed 3. Filed in member’s service record 4. Mailed to NETPDTC 3-36. Upon receipt of Navywide advancement examinations, when, if ever, should the receipt copy of the packing list be signed and returned to NETPDTC? 1. Only if evidence of tampering is discovered 2. Only if the examination serial numbers on the list do not match the packing list 3. Immediately upon inspection of the package content 4. Never 3-37. When evidence of tampering is noted upon receipt of Navywide advancement examinations, the command should take what action? 1. Submit a detailed message to BUPERS, copy to NETPDTC 2. Convene a JAG investigation 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Submit a detailed message to the ISIC and NETPDTC 3-38. When transferring an examination under a letter of transmittal, guidance for certifying a person’s eligibility for access to classified materials is in what publication? 1. Advancement Manual 2. Naval Military Personnel Manual 3. Enlisted Transfer Manual 4. Advancement Handbook 3-39. Which of the following policies applies to candidates participating in the Navywide advancement examination while in a PCS status? 1. Candidates receive additional funding for travel to examination site 2. Candidates will be charged leave for exam day 3. Candidates receive an extra travel day 4. Candidates will be reimbursed for all additional expenses incurred 3-40. The official responsible for the stowage and custody of examination materials must meet the requirements of what publication? 1. BUPERSINST 1616.9 2. OPNAVINST 1000.23 3. OPNAVINST 5510.36 4. BUPERSINST 1430.16

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