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Page Title: Assignment 3: 66 - 74
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25 3-66. What is the maximum number of PNA points that can be credited to a candidate’s FMS? 1. 10 2. 12 3. 15 4. 30 3-67. An enlisted member who is frocked is entitled to which of the following benefits? 1. Authorized to assume the title and wear the uniform of a higher paygrade 2. Entitled to the pay and allowances of the higher paygrade 3. Authorized the household goods weight allowance for PCS moves of the higher paygrade 4. All the above 3-68. Before an E-7 selectee can be frocked, what course must be completed? 1. The Basic Communication Doctrine 2. The Navy Leadership Continuum 3. The Chief Petty Officer Initiation 4. The Chief Petty Officer Indoctrination 3-69. When an enlisted member is eligible to be frocked, which of the following policies applies? 1. Enlisted members selected for officer appointment may be frocked 2. Members may elect not to be frocked 3. E-4/5/6 selectees must attend the appropriate Petty Officer Indoctrination before being frocked 4. All of the above 3-70. What, if any, service record page entry(s) is/are required to frock a member? 1. Page 4 only 2. Page 13 only 3. Page 4 and 13 4. None 3-71. A request for a substitute Navywide advancement examination may be justified for which of the following reasons? 1. The candidate was on annual leave 2. The candidate was in a PCS status 3. The candidate was on emergency leave 4. Both 2 and 3 above 3-72. Substitute Navywide advancement examinations should only be ordered using what format? 1. NETPMSA Examination Order Form (NETPMSA 1418/6) 2. Letter 3. E-mail 4. Naval message 3-73. A request for substitute Navywide advancement examinations must also inform what command? 1. Immediate Superior  (ISIC) 2. NETPDTC 3. CNET 4. EPMAC 3-74. What command is the approving authority for all substitute Navywide advancement examinations? 1. CNET 2. CNTECHTRA 3. NETPDTC 4. NAVPERSCOM

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