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Page Title: Assignment 3: 7 - 15
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18 3-7. Approximately what percentage of the Navy’s ratings requires access to classified information? 1. 50% 2. 35% 3. 25% 4. 75% 3-8. The final multiple score (FMS) is based on which of the following factors? 1. Performance only 2. Experience only 3. Knowledge only 4. Performance, experience, and knowledge 3-9. What is the maximum standard score for Navywide advancement examinations? 1. 80 2. 100 3. 150 4. 200 3-10. Which of the following factors is NOT used to compute the final multiple score (FMS)? 1. Service in paygrade (SIPG) 2. Passed not advanced (PNA) points 3. Time in service (TIS) 4. Examination standard score (SS) 3-11. Manning restriction limits the E-4 advancement quotas for early candidates to a maximum of what percentage of the total enlisted force? 1. 10% 2. 20% 3. 25% 4. 50% 3-12. Commanding officers have the authority to laterally change the apprenticeship of personnel in which of the following paygrades? 1. E-1 only 2. E-2 only 3. E-3 only 4. All of the above 3-13. Before the commanding officer can laterally change the apprenticeship of a person, which of the following conditions must be met? 1. The member must request the change 2. The member must attend the appropriate apprenticeship training 3. The command must have an excess of personnel in the apprenticeship the member is changing from 4. The member must have at least 3 years active naval service 3-14. A person who applies for a change in rating must meet which of the following requirements? 1. Not have any NJPs for the past 36 months 2. Be a PO1 or below 3. Have more than 12 years of active naval service 4. Be recommended by the ESO 3-15. The president of an E-8/9 selection board is an officer of what grade? 1. A captain 2. A lieutenant commander 3. A commander 4. A lieutenant

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