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Page Title: Petty Officer and Chief Petty Oficer Indoctrination Courses
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PETTY OFFICER AND CHIEF PETTY OFFICER INDOCTRINATION COURSES Completion of the Petty Officer (POIC) and Chief Petty  Officer  Indoctrination  Courses   (CPOIC)  are mandatory for new third class petty officer and chief petty officer selectees.  E-4 and E-7 selectees may not be frocked or advanced until they have completed the appropriate course.  However, commanding officers of training commands may authorize frocking for student CPO selectees before they complete the CPOIC if the course  is  not  available  at  the  training  command. Although  a  temporary  waiver  may  be  granted  for frocking  purposes,  completion  of  the  CPOIC  is required  before  the  advancement  is  effected. Personnel  in  training  commands  and  accelerated advancement programs must also complete the POIC before frocking or advancement to petty officer third class.  Personnel must complete the POIC even if they are advanced to Third Class Petty Officer by programs other than the  Navywide advancement examination. The POIC and CPOIC were developed to ease the transition of newly advanced enlisted personnel as they assume the responsibilities of new and unique roles. Individual  commands  should  conduct  these  courses when  feasible.     Consolidated  training  by  several commands, which is considered to be more effective for  the  CPOIC,  is  recommended  if  possible.    The command  master  chief  should  be  the  organizational coordinator for both courses.   If possible, chief petty officers with instructor experience should conduct the courses. The CPOIC and POIC onboard training packages consist  of  two  components:    the  Student’s  Journal (S.J.) and the Instructor’s Guide (I.G.). The S.J. is a narrative text presented in a modified outline format.  It includes a topical outline, a course overview,  key  points,  supplemental  readings,  and references.    Each  page  contains  space  for  student notes.   The S.J. becomes the property of the student upon completion of the course. The  I.G.  is  the  “working  document”  for  the instructor.  It contains all the information found in the S.J. in an outline format.  It also contains questions the instructor may use to stimulate classroom discussion. The  I.G.  should  be  “personalized”  to  fit  the  policy, doctrine, and climate of the command. Petty Officer Indoctrination Course The  POIC  is  a  22-hour  onboard  training  course covering a wide range of subject matter areas. The I.G. (NAVEDTRA 38201) and S. J. (NAVEDTRA 38200) are divided into the following nine units of instruction: 1.   Roles and responsibilities of a petty officer. 2.   Developing leadership and management skills. 3.   Basic needs and human behavior. 4.   Communicating with others. 5.   Standards in the Navy. 6.   Counseling. 7.   Discipline. 8.   Military justice and the petty officer. 9.   Pride,   professionalism,   and   personal excellence. Chief Petty Officer Indoctrination Course The CPOIC is a 25-hour onboard training course designed to prepare newly selected CPOs for transition from PO1 to CPO.  The course is designed to answer as many  questions  as  possible  regarding  this  major milestone  in  a  Navy  person’s  career. The  I.G. (NAVEDTRA 38203) and S.J. (NAVEDTRA 38202) are divided into the following 10 subject matter areas: 1.   Introduction   to   the   Chief   Petty   Officer Indoctrination course. 2.   Professionalism. 3.   Communication skills. 4.   Management skills. 5.   Leadership skills. 6.   Command climate. 7.   Counseling. 8.   Chief petty officer’s quarters and messes. 9.   Navy  programs  and  policies  (for  example,  the Substance  Abuse,  and  Sexual  Harassment Programs). 10.   CPO  uniforms  history,  requirements,  and regulations. Ordering CPOIC and POIC Publications Since  the  CPOIC  and  POIC  publications  are updated annually, the ESO should order new S.J.s and 4-6

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