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Page Title: PRAXIS Series Exams
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Program (ACT/PEP), are used to meet specific college degree requirements of the Excelsior College degrees and are accepted by many other colleges.   The ECEs are  available  to  all  active-duty  military  personnel. Over 35 separate ECEs are available in the areas of art and  sciences,  business,  education,  and  nursing. Military  members  may  earn  academic  credit  from many  colleges  and  universities  for  successfully completing these tests. PRAXIS Series Exams PRAXIS Series Exams are used by some states for initial  teacher  certification.    Pre-Professional  Skills Tests  measure  basic  skills  competency  in  reading, math, and writing.  Subject Assessment and Specialty Area tests measure understanding of the content and methods applicable to specific subject areas. Q18.   What handbook do you consult for full details on DANTES examinations and test services? Q19.   What   do   college   admission   examinations (ACT/SAT) determine? Q20.   The DSST program includes approximately how many undergraduate-level college subjects? CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS DANTES  provides  certification  examinations  in several  professional  and  technical  areas.     The sponsoring  professional  or  technical  association provides these examinations.  These examinations are a good  way  for  Navy  members  to  obtain  civilian recognition for their Navy training while demonstrating a high level of professional competence.  Navy College Office test control officers are authorized to administer these examinations and there is a fee required for most. There  are  about  30  certification  examinations available.   In  addition  to  receiving  certification,  the American Council on Education (ACE) has reviewed four certification examinations for college credit.  The local Navy College Office or the DANTES staff can provide  members  with  details  about  certification examinations. If you have access to the Internet, you can get more information on the DANTES Certification Program at the DANTES web site . NAVY COLLEGE CENTER The  Navy  College  Center  (NCC)  is  the  central point of contact for information about all components of the Navy College Program (NCP).   The NCP web site,  provides  Sailors  and  Marines  easy  access  and one-stop shopping for information on Navy College programs and ongoing voluntary education programs. The NCC’s mission is to increase the availability of  educational  information  worldwide  and  provide maximum  support  to  Sailors,  Marines,  and  Navy College Offices.   NCC is the central point of contact regarding  partnership  institutions.     NCC  provides Official and Individual SMART transcripts, conducts SMART  research,  and  processes  corrections  and/or additions to the SMART. The NCC operates 7 days a week from 0600 to 2100 CST. The NCC provides information and referral service as  well  as     Navy  College  Program  and  SMART information  to  anyone  by  telephone,  fax,  e-mail,  U.S. Postal Mail, or through the NCP web site.   The Navy College Center may be reached as follows: Phone: toll free  at  1-877-253-7122  /  DSN  922-1828;  Fax:  (850) 452-1281 / DSN 922-1281; E-mail: The  Navy  College  Center  monitors  the  Navy  College Program web site. UNITED SERVICES MILITARY APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM (USMAP) The  United  Services  Military  Apprenticeship Program (formerly the Navy National Apprenticeship Program)  can  best  be  explained  by  the  following questions and answers:    What is the program? The USMAP allows Navy, Marine  Corps,  and  Coast  Guard  personnel  to receive registered certification of the member’s military  training  and  work  experience. Completion   of   the   USMAP   promotes recognition equal to civilian counterparts.    What  does  the  program  do? The  program develops  highly  trained  military  men  and women who will continue to use their technical skills  and  knowledge  within  their  branch  of service and who will qualify for employment in a recognized civilian trade after the expiration of their  enlistment. Eligible  men  and  women benefit by getting the same credit for specified military  work  experience  and  training  as  their civilian counterparts receive in civilian industry. The USMAP promotes recognition of the value of military training and experience.    What  does  it  take  to  get  into  the  program? Enlisted members must be on active duty, have a 2-11

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