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Page Title: Classification of Report
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the facts or too lazy to gather the necessary evidence—to make  the  required  findings  of  fact. Opinions Opinions  are  reasonable  evaluations,  inferences,  or conclusions based on the facts. Each opinion must reference  the  findings  of  fact  supporting  it.  In  certain types of investigations, the CA will require the IO to make  certain  opinions. Recommendations Recommendations  are  proposals  derived  from  the opinions expressed, made when directed by the CA, and may be specific or general in nature. If corrective action is recommended, the recommendation should be as specific  as  possible. Disciplinary action is an area commonly addressed by  the  recommendations. If trial by court-martial is recommended,  the  IO  submits  a  signed,  sworn  charge sheet as an enclosure to the investigative report. Unless specifically directed by proper authority, an 10 must not notify an accused of the charges. If a punitive letter of reprimand or admonition is recommended, the IO will prepare a draft of the recommended letter and submit it with the investigative report. If a nonpunitive letter is recommended,  a  draft  is   ot   included   in   the investigation,   but   should   be   forwarded   to   the appropriate authority separate] y for issuance. If an award  is  recommended,  the  10  should  draft  the appropriate citation and include it as an enclosure. Enclosures The first enclosure is either the signed written appointing  order  and  any  modifications  or  the  signed written confirmation of an oral or message appointing order. Include any requests for extensions of time as enclosures,  in  addition  to  letters  granting  or  denying such  requests. JAGMAN  0229a  requires  the  IO  to  properly identify  all  persons  involved  in  the  incident  under investigation with complete name, grade or title, service or occupation, and station or residence. The list of enclosures is a suggested place for ensuring compliance with that section. Enclosures are listed in the order referenced in the investigative  report.  Separately  number  and  completely identify  each  enclosure.  Make  each  statement,  affidavit, transcript   of   testimony,   photograph,   map,   chart, document, or other exhibit a separate enclosure. If the IO’s personal observations provide the basis for any finding of fact, a signed memorandum detailing those observations  should  be  attached  as  an  enclosure. Enclose  a  Privacy  Act  statement  for  each  party  or witness from whom personal information was obtained as an attachment to the individual’s statement. The signature of the IO on the investigative report serves to authenticate all the enclosures. Figure 13-5 is an example of a completed JAGMAN investigative  report  (without  enclosures). Classification of Report Because  of  the  wide  circulation  of  JAGMAN investigative  reports,  classified  information  should  be omitted  unless  inclusion  is  essential.  When  included, however,  the  investigative  report  is  assigned  the classification  of  the  highest  subject  matter  contained  in it. Encrypted versions of messages arc not included or attached to investigative reports where the content or substance of such message is divulged. To assist in the processing of requests for release of investigations and to simplify handling and storage, declassify enclosures whenever possible. If the information in question cannot  be  declassified,  but  contributes  nothing  to  the report,  consider  removing  the  enclosure  from  the investigation  with  notification  in  the  forwarding endorsement. ACTION BY THE CONVENING AND REVIEWING  AUTHORITIES The 10 submits the JAGMAN investigative report to  the  CA  who  reviews  it  and  transmits  it  by endorsement  to  the  appropriate  superior  officer.  The endorsement  will  accomplish  one  of  the  following actions: . Return the report for further inquiry or corrective action noting any incomplete, ambiguous, or erroneous action of the IO. . Forward the record setting forth appropriate comments,  recording  approval  or  disapproval,  in  whole or  in  part,  of  the  proceedings,  findings,  opinions,  and recommendations. In line of duty/misconduct investigation, the CA is required to specifically y approve or disapprove the line of duty/misconduct opinion. This is accomplished as shown in paragraph 2 of figure 13-6. 13-10

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