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Page Title: Record of Proceedings
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does   or   does   not   support   that   act,   omission,   or circumstance l  The  specific  reason(s)  for  separation  set  forth  in the  notice  of  proposed  separation  that  each  act, omission,  or  circumstance  applies The report of the administrative board should be completed  immediately  upon  concluding  the  board  in the  format  provided  in  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 3640350(8). RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS A  record  of  proceedings  is  a  summary  of  the  facts and   circumstances,   accompanied   by   supporting documents,  on  which  the  recommendation  of  the administrative board is based, including a summary of the testimony of all witnesses heard at the board. In addition, it must contain the following: l l l l l The identity of the members of the board The identity of the legal advisor, if assigned, and his  or  her  qualifications The identity of the respondent’s counsel and his or  her  qualifications The identity of the recorder A verbatim record of the board’s findings and recommendation(s) The findings and recommendations of the board must  be  verbatim  and  the  entire  record  must  be authenticated by the president of the board, or another member if the president is not available. The respondent’s counsel must be furnished with a copy  of  the  record  of  proceeding.  The  counsel  will indicate that he or she has examined the summary of the testimony  heard  and  has  examined  all  supporting documents in the record. If counsel is not in agreement, the counsel may send a statement of deficiencies to the CA for inclusion in the report of the administrative board. A sample format of the record of proceedings of an   administrative   board   is   contained   in   the MILPERSMAN,   Article   3640350(7). ACTION BY THE CONVENING AUTHORITY If the CA determines that the respondent should be retained, the case may be closed. However, any case in which   processing   is   mandatory   according   to   the MILPERSMAN, the matter must be referred to the Chief of Naval Personnel for disposition. If  the  CA  decides  that  separation  is  warranted  or separation processing is mandatory, the case is sent directly to the Chief of Naval Personnel for action. Any discharge  recommendation  must  be  signed  by  the  CO personally;  no  By  direction  signature  is  authorized. The CA will make and send to the Chief of Naval Personnel a recommendation with respect to (1) the specific reason(s) for separation, (2) the final action of retention,  separation,  or  suspension  of  separation,  (3) the characterization of service for those eligible for transfer to Fleet Reserve or Retired List and (4) the paygrade in which they should be transferred. The CA should   not   make   a   less   favorable   discharge characterization  recommendation  than  what  was  made by the board. Once   all   these   requirements   are   met,   the proceedings and all documents attached are sent by the CA  via  a  letter  of  transmittal,  as  shown  in  the MILPERSMAN,   Article   3640200(9). PROCESSING GOALS To  make  sure  efficient  administration  of  enlisted separations  is  maintained,  SECNAV  has  established processing time goals. The following is the established processing  goals  for  administrative  separation  cases: l By the date of expiration of current enlistment or fulfillment of service obligation for separations. .  A  total  of  15  working  days  from  the  date  a command  notifies  a  member  of  the  commencement  of a separation proceeding to the date of separation when the  notification  procedure  is  used  and  the  CO  has authority  to  effect  the  separation.  Commands  will  send the case by letter of transmittal to the Chief of Naval Personnel  indicating  the  date  of  separation. .  A  total  of  30  working  days  from  the  date  a command  notifies  a  member  of  the  commencement  of a separation proceeding to the date of separation, when the  notification  procedure  or  administrative  board procedure (no board convened) is used and the case is sent to the Chief of Naval Personnel for final action. Commands should send the letter of transmittal or message  request  within  10  days  from  the  date  the member  is  notified. .  A  total  of  50  working  days  from  the  date  a command  notifies  a  member  of  the  commencement  of a  separation  proceeding  to  the  date  of  separation  when 9-23

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