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Page Title: Corrections
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sent out in batches, always run a new total after each batch is sent out. This will facilitate reconciliation if the accounting activity has not recorded the last batches forwarded in the month, then you will need only to look through  the  memorandum  accounting  logbook  for  the last batch recorded for use as the point of reconciliation. NOTE:  The accounting activity can establish a cutoff date as to the last day in the month that documents can be forwarded to them for posting. This is to make sure  all  documents  forwarded  before  that  date  will  be posted on the report for that month. If you do not enter the obligations yourself, it is usually a good policy to stop  sending  vouchers  to  the  accounting  activity  3 working days before the end of the month. Of course this policy does not apply at the end of the fiscal year, when the allottee must coordinate with the AAA to make sure  all  obligations  have  been  received  and  posted. CORRECTIONS Occasionally you may need to adjust the amount of a payment or deposit recorded in the accounting system. When this is necessary, your AAA should be contacted to make the necessary adjustments. Incorrect  payments  or  overpayments  to  claimants made using Claims, Navy funds should be deposited back into the operating budget out of which they were originally  paid. When a claim is paid out of the wrong account (for example, a personnel claim is paid citing the accounting data for a federal tort claim), contact your AAA to make the corrections. The only action required is to notify the AAA of the mistake. No adjustments need to be made in  the  memorandum  accounting  logbook. Handle refunds to carriers as if the carrier was a regular claimant and pay out of your own authorization. The entry in the memorandum  accounting  logbook  is  the  same  as  a regular  personnel  claims  payment. To  correct  an  erroneous  payment  of  a  federal  tort claim out of Claims, Defense funds, send a letter to the Payment   Branch,   Claims   Group,   U.S.   General Accounting  Officer  (GAO),  441  G  Street,  N.W., Washington,  DC  20226-0007.  The  letter  should  state that due to an administrative error the claim was paid out of Claims, Defense funds. Then prepare a Transfer Between  Appropriations,  Standard  Form  1080,  citing the Claims, Navy funds (the accounting data should be the same as that of the erroneous payment). Forward the claim itself with the letter prepared in the same manner  as  any  claim  submitted  to  GAO  with  the necessary documental ion. Finally, include a copy of the paid  voucher  with  the  letter.  Upon  receipt  of  this package,  GAO  will  effect  the  necessary  corrections. If adjustments after the end of the fiscal year are necessary,  usc  the  following  procedures.  If  the  adjusted amount does not exceed the total unobligated balance, then  the  AAA/FIPC  may  make  the  adjustment authorizations  locally  and  authorization  holders  need not notify JAG. If the adjusted amount exceeds the total unobligated   balance,   holders   should   notify   JAG immediately so that appropriate action may be taken. REPORTS To provide information required by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, you will have to submit a report of the cumulative number and dollar amount of claims obligated as of the end of the report month for the current fiscal year (for each type of claim). This report must be received in JAG within 5 working days after the end of the month. Use the assigned reports control system for this  reporting  requirement SUMMARY Claims,   claims   management,   and   claims investigations  are  important  office  functions,  and  the total dollar amount involved in claims for or against the government is substantial. The importance of accurate recordkeeping   should   be   the   focus   of   claims management and you should strive for accurate records in your claims office procedures. Accurate, efficient claims  processing  not  only  serves  the  government  but the claimant as well. The steps necessary to achieve this goal  are  your  responsibility. 12-41

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