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Page Title: Counsel
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The original of the letter of notification is kept by the respondent and a copy is included as an enclosure to the  transmittal  letter  requesting  separation.  The respondent endorses the letter by signing for receipt of it. You should become familiar with the applicable regulations governing letters of notification so you have a clear understanding of a respondent’s rights. Counsel Respondents  have  the  right  to  consult  with  counsel qualified  under  Article  27b,  UCMJ,  before  signing  their statement of awareness except under the following circumstances: l l l l When  the  respondent  is  attached  to  a  vessel  or unit operating away from or deployed outside the United States or away from its overseas home port, or to a shore activity remote from judge advocate  resources When  no  qualified  counsel  is  assigned  and present at the vessel, unit, or activity When the CO does not anticipate having access to  qualified  counsel  from  another  vessel,  unit,  or activity for at least the next 5 days When the CO determines that the requirements or needs of the naval service require processing before qualified counsel will be available Appoint  nonlawyer  counsel  whenever  qualified counsel is not available. Any appointed nonlawyer counsel will be a commissioned officer with no prior involvement in the circumstances leading to the basis of the proposed separation and no involvement in the separation  process  itself. The respondent may also consult with a civilian counsel   at   the   respondent’s   own   expense. The respondent’s  use  of  a  civilian  counsel  does  not  relieve the  CO  of  the  requirement  to  furnish  counsel. Consultation  with  civilian  counsel  will  not  delay  timely processing. Response The response of the respondent to the letter of notification is referred to as a statement of awareness. The CO will allow a reasonable period of time of not less than 2 working days for the member to respond to the notice. An extension maybe granted on a timely showing  of  good  cause  by  the  respondent.  The respondent’s election as to each of the rights, via the statement of awareness, is recorded and signed by the respondent  and  witnessed  by  respondent’s  counsel,  if available locally. If the respondent declines to respond to the election of rights, consider it a waiver of rights and proceed with the separation processing. The format letter   that   you   will   use   is   contained   in   the MILPERSMAN,  Article  3640200(6). ACTION OF THE OFFICER EXERCISING SPCM CA Officers   exercising   SPCM   CA   are   delegated authority to separate enlisted personnel with honorable, general, or entry level discharges when the member does not object to separation for the following reasons: l l l l l l l l l l l l l Parenthood Designated   physical   or   mental   conditions (somnambulism,  enuresis,  personality  disorder, and  excessive  height) Weight  control  failure Dependency  or  hardship Pregnancy  or  childbirth Surviving  son or daughter Erroneous  enlistment Fraudulent   enlistment Entry  level  performance  and  conduct Unsatisfactory   performance Homosexuality  (where  no  OTH  is  recom- mended) Drug abuse rehabilitation failure Alcohol  abuse  rehabilitation  failure In  any  case  that  must  be  initiated  under  the administrative board procedure vice the notification procedure  an  SPCM  CA  is  delegated  authority  to separate  the  member  when  (1)  an  administrative discharge  board  recommends  separation  with  a  general or  honorable  characterization,  (2)  the  member  does  not object to the discharge, and (3) the characterization is consistent with guidelines in the MILPERSMAN. COs with SPCM CA effect the discharge by issuing a letter to the respondent directing the discharge. Figure 9-3 is a sample letter that a CO with SPCM CA may issue a respondent to effect the discharge. Send a copy 9-16

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