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Page Title: Preparation
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SCM of the command and no order detailing him or her is needed. A court is usually created to hear several cases, but may in fact hear only one. In detailing a new court, the old court should not be dissolved nor should the old convening order be rescinded or revoked. One good reason for this is if the court that heard a case that was returned for proceedings in revision has been dissolved there can be no proceedings in revision. Circumstances will determine whether a new court will be convened to hear the case or whether the case will be referred to an existing court. In the first instance, there will be a new convening order prepared. In the latter, a current convening order maybe used, or it may be amended as necessary.    Amendments  may  become necessary when there is an insufficient number of officer members  available  or  when  the  court  may  be  reduced below a quorum, or when the assignment of enlisted members is required according to the request of an enlisted  accused. Preparation A convening order for a GCM or an SPCM will designate  the  type  of  court-martial  and  detail  the court-martial will meet. If the CA has been designated by the secretary concerned, the convening order will state this. Refer to appendix 6 of the MCM for forms for  orders  convening  courts-martial.  Figure  6-2 illustrates a convening order for an SCM. Figure 6-3 shows  a  convening  order  for  an  SPCM.  Figure  6-4 shows a convening order for a GCM. The members, military judge, and counsel may be changed  by  an  authority  competent  to  detail  such persons. Changes of the members of the court-martial should be kept to a minimum. If extensive changes are necessary and no session of the court-martial has begun, it may be appropriate to withdraw the charges from one court-martial and refer them to another. When  new  persons  are  added  as  members  or counsel  or  when  substitutions  are  made  as  to  any members  or  counsel  or  the  military  judge,  such persons are detailed in the same manner as original members. An  order  changing  the  members  of  the court-martial,   except   one   that   excuses   members without  replacements,  is  reduced  to  writing  and  is called an amending order. Figure 6-5 shows an SPCM amending  order  permanently  adding  officer  members to a previously established court. Figure 6-6 shows an  SPCM  amending  order  temporarily  adding  officer members   and   may   also   designate   where   the members  to  a  previously  established  court  for  a Figure 6-2.-Summary court-martial convening order. 6-8

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