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Page Title: Pretrial Interviews Concerning Matters Arising Out of Official Duties
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Pretrial  Interviews  Concerning  Matters Arising Out of Official Duties Send requests for interviews and/or statements by parties  to  private  litigation  to  the  CO/OIC  of  the  cog- nizant  NLSO  or  Marine  Corps  SJA.  These  interviews are  conducted  in  the  presence  of  an  officer  designated by  the  CO/OIC  of  the  NLSO  or  Marine  Corps  SJA who assures that no line of inquiry is permitted that may  disclose  or  compromise  classified  information  or otherwise  prejudice  the  security  interests  of  the United  States. Release  of  Official  Information  for  Litigation Purposes and Testimony by Department of the Navy Personnel SECNAVINST  5820.8  provides  that  DON  per- sonnel  will  not  provide  official  information,  testi- mony, or documents; submit to interviews; or permit a view or visit for use in federal courts, state courts, foreign courts, and other governmental proceedings without  proper  authorization.  Additionally,  DON  per- sonnel will not provide, with or without compensat- ion,  opinion  or  expert  testimony  concerning  DOD information,  subjects,  personnel,  or  activities—ex- cept on behalf of the United States or a party repre- sented by the Department of Justice—or with written special   authorization.  The previous instruction out- lines determining authorities, the required contents of a  proper  request  by  a  requester,  and  consideration  in granting  or  denying  a  request  for  official  information. JURY DUTY Active duty service members are exempted from service on federal juries. Service members are exempt from jury duty when it unreasonably interferes with the  performance  of  their  military  duties  or  adversely affects the readiness of a unit, command, or activity. It is the responsibility of COs to make the decision and the decision is final. All personnel assigned to the Operating Forces, in a training status, or stationed outside the United States are exempt from serving on a state or local jury. Service members who serve on state and local juries will not be charged leave or lose any pay entitlements during the period of service. All fees accrued to members for jury service are payable to  the  U.S.  Treasury.  Members  are  entitled  to  any reimbursement  from  the  state  or  local  jury  authority for expenses incurred in the performance of jury duty (such  as  for  transportation,  costs  of  parking  fees). COs are responsible for notifying the responsible state or  local  official  of  this  exemption  when  a  service member  is  summoned. 10-11 SUMMARY As you can readily see there are many variables involved in processing and preparing documents for the delivery of military personnel to civil authorities when a request has been received from state, federal, territory,  or  commonwealth  authorities.  Additionally, you can see where you will be required to be familiar with the procedures required for waiver of extradition and the reports required when delivery is refused. As in all other aspects of your duties as an LN, you  should  exercise  care  in  preparing  those  docu- ments required for the delivery of personnel and waiv- ers of extradition. If you are in doubt as to what the proper procedures are for a particular case, you should consult the appropriate sections of the JAGMAN and, if reasonably available, a judge advocate of either the Navy  or  Marine  Corps.

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