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Page Title: Sample JAGMAN Investigation
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5830 [Code] [Date] From: Lieutenant Close D. Hatch, USNR, 111-11-1111/1105 To: Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy Subj: INVESTIGATION  TO  INQUIRE  INTO  THE  CIRCUMSTANCES  SURROUNDING  THE MOTOR  VEHICLE  ACCIDENT  INVOLVING,  AND  INJURIES  SUSTAINED  BY,  YNSN JANE   A.   DOE,   USN,   222-22-2222,   NAVAL   SUPPORT   ACTIVITY,   NAPLES,   ITALY, WHICH OCCURRED IN GAETA, ITALY, ON 28 AUGUST 1994 Ref: (a) Encl:   (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) JAG  Manual CO, NSA Naples, appointing order, ltr 5830 Ser 01L/1128 of 29 August 1994 NSA Det Gaeta Shore Patrol Report of 28 Aug 94 Statement of YNSN Jane A. Doe, USN, 222-22-2222, Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, of 7 Sep 94, with attached Privacy Act statement and JAGMAN § 0215b warning attached Chronological record of medical care with medical board attached NAVCOMPT  3065  (Leave  Authorization)  ICO  SNM PRELIMINARY   STATEMENT 1. Pursuant to enclosure (1), and in accordance with reference (a), a onc-officer JAGMAN investigation not requiring a hearing was conducted to inquire into the circumstances surrounding the motor vehicle accident involving and the injuries suffered by YNSN Jane A. Doe that occurred on 28 August 1994 in Gaeta,  Italy. All reasonably available relevant evidence was collected. There were no difficulties encountered during the conduct of this investigation. While certain minor conflicts appear in the evidence, none was of sufficient degree or materiality to warrant comment. 2. All documentary evidence included is certified to be either the original or a copy that is a true and accurate  representation  of  the  original  document  represented. 3. All social security numbers were obtained from official sources and not solicited from individual service members. 4. This investigation is being conducted and this report is being prepared in contemplation of litigation and for the express purpose of assisting attorneys representing interests of the United States in this matter. 5. LCDR Mary N. Christmas, JAGC, USN, was consulted on the possibility of claims for or against the government as a result of the vehicle accident. FINDINGS  OF  FACT 1. On 28 August 1994, YNSN Jane A. Doe, USN, 222-22-2222, age 21, was on authorized annual leave from U.S. Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, where she was assigned [encl (5)]. 2.  At  approximately  0325,  28  August  1994,  a  motor  vehicle  accident  occurred  on  Via  Pachcria,  Gaeta, Italy [encl (2)]. 3. At the time of the motor vehicle accident, the vehicles involved were being driven by Antonio Franco of 39909 Via Riperia, Gaeta, Italy and Salvatore Garllino of Naples, Italy [encl (2)]. Figure  13-5.-Sample  JAGMAN  Investigation. 13-11

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