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Page Title: Sample JAGMAN Investigation -Continued
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23. After she was stabilized, YNSN Doe was transported to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy, via ambulance [encls (2) and (3)]. 24. On 28 August 1994, after admission to the Naval Hospital, YNSN Doe underwent surgery to remove her spleen [encl (4)]. 25. YNSN Doe was hospitalized from 28 August 1994 to 8 September 1994, a period of 12 days [encl (4)]. 26. The attending physician was CDR Drag A. Line, MC, USN, Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy [encl (4)]. 27. YNSN Doe’s prognosis is permanent disability, and no outpatient treatment is expected [encl (4)]. 28. YNSN Doe is presently on limited duty attached to the Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, subsequent to the findings rendered by a medical board convened at Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy [encl (4)] . 29. Mr. Garllino was arrested and cited by the Gaeta Polizia for driving under the influence on 28 August 1994 [encl (2)]. OPINIONS 1. The voluntary intoxication of Mr. Garllino was the proximate cause of the accident [FOF (9), (11), (18), and  (29)]. 2. Excessive speed played a significant role in causing the accident [FOF (13), (14), (15), (16),(17), and (19)]. 3. YNSN Doc used poor judgment in allowing Mr. Garllino to drive from The Castle, but available evidence indicated that YNSN Doc attempted to get Mr. Garllino to stop and allow her to drive—r, in the very least, to slow down-and was unsuccessful [FOF (12) and (15)]. 4. YNSN Jane A. Doe’s personal injuries were incurred in the line of duty and not due to her own misconduct [FOF (1), (7), (8), (11), (15), and (29)]. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. That no administrative or disciplinary action be taken against YNSN Doe. 2. That any claim submitted to the government by Mr. Franco for vehicle damage or personal injuries be forwarded to the insurance company of Mr. Garllino. /s/ Close D. Hatch Figure  13-5.-Sample  JAGMAN  investigation—Continued. If the CA corrects, adds, or disapproves findings of l  Opinion  ____ in the basic correspondence is not fact,   opinions,   or   recommendation,   the   following substantiated   by   the   findings   of   fact   because language  would  be  added  in  the  endorsement: and is therefore either disapproved or modified to read as follows: . .  The  findings  of  fact  are  hereby  modified  as The  following  additional  opinions  are  added: follows: (numbers  start  after  the  last  opinion  in  the  basic .  The  following  additional  findings  of  fact  are investigation). added: (numbers start after the last findings of fact in .  Recommendation  ____  is  not  appropriate  for the  basic  investigation). action  at  this  command;  however,  a  copy  of  this 13-13

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