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Page Title: Cover for an Informal Meal
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9-4, and 9-5 are the basic breakfast or brunch cover, the basic  lunch  or  dinner  cover,  and  the  cover  for  an informal meal, respectively. Individual  place  settings  are  traditionally  arranged as  follows: Dinner or service plate—The dinner or service plate is placed directly in front of each chair. The  ideal spacing of plates for family style or formal occasions is 24 inches from plate center to plate center. This is close enough  to  permit  easy  conversation  and  provides enough room for each diner. The dinner plate is not placed  on  the  table  when  American,  cafeteria,  buffet,  or a la carte style is used. Silverware—Silverware  is  placed  about  1  inch  from the edge of the table and close to the plate. It is placed Figure 9-4 .—Basic lunch or dinner cover. according to the order in which it will be used—the outermost pieces being used first. Knives are placed next to the plate on the right side with the cutting edge toward the plate. Spoons are placed to the right of the knives with the bowl up. Forks, except oyster forks, are placed on the left side of the plate. When the oyster fork is used, it goes to the right of the spoon. Usually, not more than six pieces of silverware are placed at a cover. During  a  formal  dinner,  when  additional  silver  is required, it is brought in with the course requiring its use. Bread and butter plate—The bread and butter plate, when used, is placed to the left of the dinner plate, above the points of the forks. Beverage  glasses—The  water  glass  is  placed  to  the right of the dinner plate above the points of the knives. The water glass is set for lunch unless another chilled beverage is to be used. It is a wide, short 10-ounce glass and is used only for water. The beverage glass is a taller, narrower 10-ounce glass. It is used for lunch or dinner when milk, iced tea, or other chilled beverages are served. The juice glass is a small 6-ounce glass. It is not set but is used to serve juice when ordered by the diner. It is used only at breakfast. Coffee  cup—The  coffee  cup  is  set  upside  down  on the saucer and is placed to the upper right of the outer spoon. Napkin-The napkin can be either cloth or paper. It is placed either to the left of the forks or on the dinner plate. Figure 9-5.-Cover for an informal meal. 9-12

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