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Page Title: Holiday or Special Event Menus
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condensed soups in order to offer a variety on the menu. Leftover soups are highly subject to contamination; consequently, they create a health hazard. Fresh soup should  be  prepared  for  each  meal. Beverages.— The  beverage  component  of  menus includes  coffee  or  tea. Milk is very nutritious and deserves a permanent place on the menu. It can be served chilled plain, or flavored, or in hot cocoa as a cold weather beverage. Coffee and tea are not necessary for good health and offering another choice for either beverage  is  acceptable,  such  as  good  quality  drinking water. Iced beverages added to the menu during warm weather are refreshing and provide an enjoyable change from  the  steady  consumption  of  hot  coffee  or  tea  during the winter months. All iced fruit beverages in the AFRS contribute additional vitamins and minerals, as well as energy from the sugar they contain. Avoid overuse of the same juices or fruit beverages on the weekly menus. Milk  shake  machines  and  carbonated  soda  dispensers may be used in the mess also. RECORDING THE MENU.— The Menu Draft, NAVSUP Form 1092, should be carefully checked and edited for accurate recipe numbers as well as for correct recipe  titles  and  should  then  be  presented  to  the  food service  officer  for  analysis.  The  food  service  officer analyzes  the  menu  to  make  sure  it  is  nutritionally balanced and reflects sound management with respect to  personnel,  food  supplies,  and  food  preparation equipment. The  NAVSUP  Form  1092  should  be returned to the leading MS (approved or with noted changes)  for  typing  on  the  GM  Menu,  NAVSUP  Form 1080. NAVSUP Form 1092 should be retained for use in preparing recipe number lists and instructions on the daily  Food-Preparation  Worksheet,  NAVSUP  Form 1090. When  you  use  the  NAVSUP  Form  1090,  recipe numbers  should  be  eliminated  from  the  NAVSUP  Form 1080. The NAVSUP Form 1080 is signed by the leading MS in the Prepared By block, by the food service officer in the first Approved block and then submitted to the commanding officer or the designated representative for approval and signature in the second Approved block. Menus  may  be  submitted  for  command  approval  each week or the cycle menu maybe submitted in its entirety quarterly, seasonally, or when a new cycle menu is prepared. 7-24 PLAN SPECIAL MENUS Meals have three roles in Navy life: (1) to support physical health and fitness, (2) to build morale, and (3) to provide an occasion for socializing. Holiday or Special Event Menus Special  meals  for  holidays  or  special  meal celebrations (in GMs either afloat or ashore) provide opportunities   for   festivity   among   the   crew.   A well-planned special meal adds interest and creates real enthusiasm  among  the  MSs  and  crew. PREPARATION.—   Creative  menus  may  be planned  using  foods  traditionally  associated  with  the holiday. Research through the AFRS and the  Navy  Food Service, NAVSUP  P-476,  files  should  supply  new  ideas. Figure  7-10  is  a  calendar  listing  special  occasions generally  celebrated. It  is  included  for  a  handy reference. The meal patterns suggested for breakfast, lunch, and dinner may be changed for holiday or specialty meals  to  include  some  extras  for  the  celebration. Well-planned  special  meals  will  add  interest  and enthusiasm among cooks and patrons. They can be as simple or elaborate as time, personnel, and cost permit. PRINTING.— Some GMs may have fancy menus printed for their entire cycle menu or for special events or holidays. The printed menu gives a kind of flavor of its own to special meals.    These menus need not be elaborate to be attractive. They can be simply produced using a graphics program on a computer or you can have them  produced  professionally  through  the  supply system. Usually if menus are to be printed professionally, they are either going to be used permanently for a cycle menu or for holiday menus repeating from year to year. Brunch  Menus A brunch is neither breakfast nor lunch. Brunch is something of each of these meals, yet it has its own special identity. The distinguishing features of brunch are  time  of  service  and  the  special-occasion,  leisurely atmosphere that can accompany a brunch meal. The brunch meal is usually served between breakfast and lunch  time,  generally  on  weekends  and  holidays. Brunch menus need not be elaborate to be attractive and satisfying. A number of menu items maybe added to a heavy breakfast meal to make a brunch meal. These

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