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Page Title: Accounting Procedures
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shows that the person who will consume the meal is entitled to a special meal at no charge. The FSO makes sure only the number of special meals is prepared as requested  on  the  signed  copy  of  the  NAVSUP  Form  340 that is completed by the requesting officer. At  the  time  of  pickup,  the  FSO  or  his  or  her designated   representative   verifies   the   completed original  NAVSUP  Form  340  with  the  cash  collected.  All meals issued without charge arc justified with a signed certification of entitlement to special meals or a receipt of special meals. The FSO or his or her designated representative obtains  a  receipt  signature  from  the  requesting  officer or the requesting officer’s designated representative. This receipt signature goes on the NAVSUP Form 340 when the special meals arc picked up. The FSO or his or her designated representative acknowledges receipt of cash on the working copy of the NAVSUP Form 340 and returns the receipted copy with the special meals to the requesting officer. The FSO then retains the original NAVSUP Forms 340 with the signed  certification  to  prepare  the  monthly  Special Meals Report, NAVSUP Form 1340, with the signed certificate for posting the monthly Ration and Sales Report, NAVSUP Form 1357. Requesting Officer The   requesting   officer   is   responsible   for   the following: Determining eligibility for special meals Preparing the NAVSUP Form 340 for request and receipt of special meals Collecting charges for special meals sold for cash Endorsing  orders  for  special  meals  made available  to  enlisted  personnel  receiving  per diem Obtaining signatures on the reverse side of the NAVSUP Form 340 for special meals furnished to enlisted members of foreign governments The requesting officer (usually the air terminal officer,  squadron  duty  officer,  or  officer  exercising operational control of the flight, small craft, or group travel operation) prepares, in triplicate, the Special Meal Request/Rcccipt,  NAVSUP  Form  340. One signed copy of the NAVSUP Form 340 is then forwarded to the FSO at least 3 hours before the time special meals are picked up from the foodservice office. The  requesting  officer  receives  payment  from personnel   receiving   special   meals   in   one   of   the following  manners: . Cash in the amounts prescribed by Naval Supply Systems  Command  instructions. . Certification by an officer or chief petty officer that personnel are entitled to meals without charge. A list of names, meal passes, or travel order numbers, and the  activities  to  which  assigned  are  provided  to  support the  certification. l  Signed  receipt  for  flight  meals  (on  reverse  of NAVSUP Form 340) from foreign personnel. . Endorsement of travel orders to show receipt. The requesting officer then makes sure the original NAVSUP  Form  340  is  completed,  showing  the breakdown  of  special  meals  requested  and  the signatures  of  any  foreign  personnel  on  the  reverse,  to provide   to   the   FSO   or   his   or   her   designated representative at the time of pickup of the special meals. ACCOUNTING  PROCEDURES When 10 or less special meals are issued during the monthly accounting period, they are accounted for the same as regular GM meals. The accounting procedures discussed next are used only when more than 10 special meals are issued during the monthly accounting period. The FSO uses either a NAVSUP Form 1282 or a NAVSUP Form 1059 to record the quantity and value of  food  items  required  in  preparing  the  special  meals. The issue document is priced and extended using fixed prices. This is done at the time of issue. The quantity issued is posted as an expenditure in the Other column of the Subsistence Ledger, NAVSUP Form 335. The issue document should be retained by the FSO pending preparation  of  the  Monthly  Special  Meals  Report, NAVSUP Form 1340. General When a flight or operation is canceled or other valid circumstances   prevent   the   use   of   special   meals requested and prepared, they can be returned to the FSO. However, special meals are not returned for credit if more than 3 hours have elapsed since they were issued. 12-18

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