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Page Title: Appendix II - Glossary
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SLACK DOUGH—Dough that is soft and extensible but which has lost its resiliency. SMORGASBORD—(Swedish)    A    Scandinavian luncheon or supper served buffet style at which many  different  dishes  are  served,  including  hot  and cold hors d’oeuvres, pickled vegetables and fish, assorted  cheeses,  jellied  salads,  fish,  and  meats. SMOTHER—To  cook  in  a  closed  container  or  in  a close mass as smothered onions. SNAPS—Small  cookies  that  run  flat  during  baking  and become crisp on cooling. SNICKER-DOODLE—A  coffee  cake  with  a  crumb topping. SOLIDIFYING   POINT—Temperature   at   which   a fluid changes to a solid. SOUFFLÉ—(French) A delicate, spongy hot dish made principally of stiffly whipped egg whites. Cheese is  commonly  used,  but  other  soufflés  include  fish, meat,  poultry,  and  vegetables.  Also  prepared  as  a dessert. SPORE—Any  of  various  primitive  reproductive  bodies (or resistant resting cells), typically one-celled and produced  by  certain  forms  of  plant  life,  especially molds   and   bacteria,   and   by   some   animal microorganisms. SPRAY DRYING—A method of dehydrating liquids by spraying them into a drying chamber into which very hot, dry air is circulated. The rapid evaporation causes a minimum of flavor change in the food. STARCH   WATER—A   mixture   of   cornstarch   and water made by boiling 1 quart of water containing 1  or  2  tablespoons  of  cornstarch.  This  mixture brushed on bread dough gives a shine to the crust after baking. STEAM—To cook in steam with or without pressure. STEEP—To  let  stand  in  hot  liquid  (below  boiling temperature)  to  extract  flavor,  color,  or  other qualities  from  a  specific  food. STERILIZE—To  destroy  microorganisms  by  heat, ultraviolet   light,   irradiation,   chemicals,   or antibiotics. STEW—To  simmer  in  enough  liquid  to  cover  solid foods. STIR—To blend two or more ingredients with a circular motion. STROGANOFF—A   la   stroganoff   is   a   method   of preparing  beef  with  sour  cream. SUCCOTASH—A   combination   dish   consisting   of whole-grain  corn  and  lima  beans. SUGAR—Cane   or   beet   (sucrose)—most   common, usually  granulated,  sweetening  agent.  Corn (dextrose)-a form of sugar made from cornstarch and readily fementable. Maltose-a form of sugar obtained by germinating cereal grain. usually supplied as a syrup. In recipes, refers to granulated unless  otherwise  specified. SUKIYAKI—(Japanese)  A  popular  Japanese  dish consisting  of  thin  slices  of  meat  fried  with  onions and  other  vegetables,  including  bean  sprouts  and served with soy sauce containing seasoning, herbs, and  spices. TACO—(Mexican)  An  open-face  sandwich  made  of fried tortillas shaped like a shell and tilled with a hot meat-vegetable  mixture. TAMALE—(Mexican)   A   steamed   dish   made   of cornmeal with ground beef or chicken rolled in the center,  usually  highly  seasoned. TARTAR  SAUCE—A  rich  sauce  made  with  salad dressing,  onions,  parsley,  pickle  relish,  and sometimes  olives  and  cucumbers,  served  with seafood. TARTS—Small  pastries  with  heavy  fruit  or  cream filling. TEMPER—To remove from freezer and place under refrigeration  for  a  period  of  time  sufficient  to Facilitate separation and handling of frozen product. Internal   temperature   of   the   food   should   be approximately 26°F to 28°F. TETRAZINNI—(Italian) A dish with chicken, green peppers,  and  onions  mixed  with  spaghetti  and served  with  shredded  cheese. TEXTURE—The  structure,  fineness  or  coarseness,  of a baked product when a cut surface is examined. THAW—To  remove  from  freezer  and  place  under refrigeration  until  thawed.  Internal  temperature should be above 30°F. TORTE—Cake, especially of a rich variety; contains nuts, fruits, and usually very little or no flour. TORTILLA—(Mexican)  A  bread  made  with  white corn flour and water. Special techniques are used in handling the dough to roll it thin as a piecrust. It is usually baked on hot iron. AII-10

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