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Page Title: BQ Advisory Committee
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.  Review  of  all  reports  containing  BQ  information including cost, maintenance, and performance data .  Control  of  issue,  repair,  and  procurement  of furnishings . Coordination of utilities conservation efforts and facilities  management  activities . Development of BQ requirements surveys and development of program data Responsibilities of the tenant CO are as follows: l l l l l Support host command BQ regulations Participate  in  quarters  inspections  regularly Provide  self-help  program  for  the  improvement of  bachelor  housing Provide host with information as to personnel drawing single BAQ in compliance with host policies  and  procedures Inform  BQ  officer  of  troop  movements More   detailed   information   regarding   the responsibilities of the host and tenant CO can be found in NAVPERS 15606. BQ Advisory Committee The purpose of the BQ advisory committee is to give  residents  a  direct  line  of  communication  to management and command without being diluted or filtered.  The  committee  deals  with  many  areas  of resident involvement, some of which are as follows: l l l l l l l l Determining residents’ likes or dislikes Hearing  suggestions  and  complaints Fostering  self-help  programs Improving   resident   involvement Gaining resources for the BQ Organizing  resident  action Establishing  command  positions Helping  reduce  vandalism  and  theft  problems Membership in the BQ advisory committee must be voluntary  and  representative  of  a  cross  section  of  the occupants. This cross section of occupants should be based according to rank and rate, building, floor, or wing. (The committee chairperson is selected from the group.) The meetings should be attended by the BQ officer  and  building  petty  officers  (BPOs).  BQ  staff members should keep a low profile and do not have a vote. It may be beneficial to invite the host CO, XO, department  heads,  and  Navy  exchange  officer  to periodically attend these meetings as observers. These meetings should be open to all hands who live in the quarters. The  meeting  place,  time,  and  date  should  be announced at least 1 week in advance. It is preferable to schedule it at a regular time, for instance, the first Monday of every month at 1800 hours. The minutes should be forwarded to the CO for comment via the chain of command. The CO will make comments as appropriate  and  return  them  to  the  residents.  The minutes  with  the  CO’s  comments  should  then  be  posted on the official bulletin board and in the BQ newsletter. The largest circulation possible is desirable. The advisory committee is not intended to replace the normal chain of command. It should be used along with  the  chain  of  command  to  be  beneficial.  The advisory committee should not engage in management decisions or duties. TIQ  Officer The  CO  appoints  a  BQ  officer  who  holds  the position on a full-time basis. The following are some of the authorities and responsibilities of the BQ officer: l l l l l l l l l Manages  the  BQ  assets Serves as communication link between public works, the XO, and the BOQ or BEQ officer Authorizes work requests preventive  maintenance Is  responsible  for  proper operation  of  the  front  desk for  corrective  and administration  and Is  responsible  for  providing  accommodations that meet minimum adequacy standards Serves  as  the  COs  designated  representative  for the  certification  of  nonavailability  of  quarters Maintains and is accountable for nonappropriated  funds prepares  and  submits  budget  for  operating  the BQ to the CO As appropriate, originates or provides input to all correspondence on the BQ operation. This is 10-7

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