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Page Title: Dining Table Center Items
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silverware and other necessary dishes on the dining table so diners do not have to carry them. When seating at the dining table is not adequate, or for a stand-up buffet, silverware and napkins are placed on the buffet table. All foods may be arranged on the buffet, or some items may be taken from the buffet and served after the guests are  seated. Serving  responsibilities  for  buffet  service  are  fewer, but  they  are  no  less  important.  The  buffet  and  dining table  should  be  watched  constantly  so  items  are replenished  before  they  run  out;  also,  to  remove  soiled dishes  immediately  after  use.  After  the  diners  are seated,  the  buffet  will  require  constant  attention  so  it remains attractive for latecomers or anyone desiring seconds. When  everyone  has  finished  the  main  course,  the main course foods should be removed from the buffet table.  The  dishes  and  used  silverware  should  be removed from the table. If the dessert is to be served from the buffet table, the dessert and appropriate serving dishes should be arranged as soon as the main course foods are removed. Otherwise, the dessert should be served at the table. DINING TABLE CENTER ITEMS After  setting  the  individual  places,  you  should  then set  the  dining  table  center  items.  These  items  include standard items that are typically used at every meal and meal-related items that may be included on the basis of menu requirements. The standard center items will always be placed on the dining table when setting up the table. Standard Center Items Figure  9-1  shows  standard  center  items.  The descriptions of these items are as follows: l The sugar bowl is a small, silver, oval-shaped container with a short pedestal stand and lid. It is always set with a sugar spoon. l  Salt  and  pepper  shakers  may  be  all  silver  or they may be glass with silver tops. The salt should always  be  kept  loose  and  dry.  When  placed  on  the dining table, both shakers should always be at least three-fourths  full. . The coffee cream pitcher is similar in size and shape to the sugar bowl but has a spout and no top. One set of these standard items is provided for every six diners. However, a set of salt and pepper shakers is provided for every four diners. The standard center items are arranged with the sugar bowl centered between the salt and pepper shakers on one side of the table and the creamer on the other side. The salt shaker should be placed on the right side toward the head of the table. Most ships consider some type of centerpiece as standard.  This  centerpiece  usually  consists  of  a  silver fruit  bowl  containing  either  fresh  or  artificial  fruit  for breakfast  or  fresh  or  artificial  flowers  for  lunch  or dinner. If used, centerpieces should be lined up and arranged across the tables to present a neat, attractive uniform  appearance. Figurc 9-1.-Standard center items. 9-9

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