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Page Title: Retention of Records and Documents
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private messes, such transactions must be reported. However, in this case, all losses by survey and inventory are charged as sales to the private mess being supported. If no transactions are conducted by a temporarily closed GM, the monthly NAVSUP Form 1357 must be marked appropriately,   GM   closed   on   (date) for (ROH/renovation/and  so  forth).  Expected  reopening date is (date)      .  If the reopening date is delayed, NAVFSSO (code F) must be notified. Final Returns When returns are no longer required because of deactivation or decommissioning, the final NAVSUP Form  1358  must  be  marked  Final  Returns- Decommissioned in red in the body of the Balance Sheet section.  The  Balance  On  Hand  entry  on  the  NAVSUP Form 1358 is left blank. Transferred stock balances are included in entries opposite the captions Transfers With Reimbursement or Transfers Without Reimbursement, as  appropriate,   and   substantiated   with   transfer documents. Combined  Returns When a combined NAVSUP Form 1358 is rendered for a group of ships or for two or more messes ashore with 25 persons or less, each operating a separate GM, a separate monetary allowance must be taken. The value is computed individually for each mess on the reverse of the NAVSUP Form 1358. The values will be totaled and posted to the Total Allowances block on the front of the NAVSUP Form 1358. The Computation of Allowances/Financial  Statement  section  is  noticeably marked  See  Reverse. RETENTION OF RECORDS AND DOCUMENTS The FSO maintains files of accounting records and substantiating   documents   required   for   audits   of subsistence, supply, and GM operation. Records and documents  should  be  retained  and  disposed  of  according to the Navy  and  Marine  Corps  Records  Disposition Manual,  SECNAVINST  5212.5. The  following  original  records  and  documents  are retained: . Subsistence Ledger, NAVSUP Form 335 .  Record  of  Receipts  and  Expenditures,  NAVSUP Form 367 .  Food-Item  Report/Master  Food  Code  List, NAVSUP  Form  1059,  and/or  Food-Item  Request/Issue Document, NAVSUP Form 1282 (when used as issue documents supporting issues to a GM) .  Food-Item  Report/Master  Food  Code  List, NAVSUP Form 1059, and Food-Item Request/Issue Document, NAVSUP Form 1282 (when used as issue documents  supporting  sales  to  private  messes  andGMs) .  Food-Item  Code/Master  Food  Code  List, NAVSUP  Form  1059,  or  Food-Item  Request/Issue Document,  NAVSUP  Form  1282  (when  used  as inventory  quantity  adjustment  sheets) l Special Meal Request/Receipt, NAVSUP Form 340 .  Monthly  Recapitulation  of  Meal  Record, NAVSUP Form 1292 . Ration and Sales Report, NAVSUP Form 1357 .  Food-Preparation  Worksheet,  NAVSUP  Form 1090 l Cash Meal Payment Book, DD Form 1544 .  Copies  of  the  following  documents  are  retained: . General Mess Operating Statement, NAVSUP Form 1358. .  Food-Item  Report/Master  Food  Code  List, NAVSUP Form 1059 (when used to summarize issues to the GM at the end of the quarter). . Each receipt document for the accounting period stapled to an adding machine tape confirming the total. . Each expenditure document for the accounting period  for  which  an  original  is  not  retained.  All expenditure  documents  are  stapled  to  an  adding machine  tape  confirming  the  total. l  Special  Meals  Report,  NAVSUP  Form  1340. .   Expenditure   Log   (Loss   Without   Survey), NAVSUP Form 1334. . Report of Survey, DD Form 200. RECORDS AND REPORTS IN A PRIVATE MESS AFLOAT The extent to which the records are maintained in private  messes  afloat  and  their  complexity  are determined largely by the commanding officer and the mess  treasurer. Small messes generally have fewer 3-3

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