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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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1–11. We measure a hazard according to which of the following elements involved in the occurrence of a mishap? 1. Risk 2. Peril 3. Lost  days 4. Severity and probability 1–12. Most  mishaps  are  preventable. 1. True 2. False 1–13. What is the most frequent cause of Navy  mishaps? 1. Equipment malfunction 2. Human  error 3. Weather 4. Fate 1-14. Where is the NAVSAFECEN located? 1. Pensacola,   Florida 2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3. Columbus, Ohio 4. Norfolk,   Virginia 1-15. The NAVSAFECEN conducts safety surveys of the naval operating forces and shore establishments upon the request of which of the following   individuals? 1. Type  commander 2. Unit safety officer 3. Unit medical officer 4. Chief of Naval Operations 1–16. The NAVSAFECEN performs which of the following functions? 1. Promotes interest in mishap prevention through hazard awareness 2. Develops and administers safety awards  programs 3. Provides membership on review boards and advisory councils 4. All of the above 1-17. The Individual Flight Activity Reporting System (IFARS) is managed by which of the following activities? 1. Bureau of Medicine 2. Naval Safety Center 3. Naval Sea Systems Command 4. Naval Air Systems Command 1–18. Unless  otherwise  directed, NAVSAFECEN is NOT responsible for safety in which of the following areas? 1. Afloat operations 2. Ashore operations 3. Nuclear propulsion 4. Ordnance handling 1-19. The NAVSAFECEN receives and analyzes all mishap and injury reports submitted by which of the following commands? 1. Aviation and ship commands only 2. Submarine and shore commands only 3. Aviation and shore commands only 4. Aviation,   ship, submarine, and shore commands 1–20. In addition to being entered into NAVSAFECEN’s data bank, the results of a NAVSAFECEN safety survey are given to what person? 1. Type commander of the unit involved 2. Chief of Naval Education and Training 3. Commanding officer of the unit involved 4. Chief of Naval Operations 1–21. Approach, the Naval Aviation Safety Review, is published at least how often? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly 4. Quarterly 2

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