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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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1-46. All people want to have a feeling of belonging. This is an example of what type of need? 1. Psychological 2. Physiological 3. Social 4. Ego 1-47. Which of the following needs is associated with a person’s need to feel useful and respected? 1. Social 2. Ego 3. Physiological 4. Psychological 1–48. An effective instructor will observe which of the following guidelines? 1. Always accept a person’s answer 2. Talk to the entire group, not just to the front row 3. Watch your mannerisms 4. All of the above 1-49. A command uses which of the following approaches to “market” its safety program? 1. Safety legislation 2. Mandatory training 3. Promotional efforts 4. Behavior modification 1-50. We can always rely on common sense to  prevent  mishaps. 1. True 2. False 1–51. You can develop a safety attitude in your workers through which of the following practices? 1. Enforcing all safety regulations 2. Training your people in safe workmanship 3. Convincing them of the command’s sincere interest in safety 4. A1l of the above 1-52. Good risk taking can be considered a precaution against mishaps. A good risk taker exhibits the ability to make which of the following responses to a risk? 1. Overcome it 2. Totally avoid it 3. Explain it to a superior and help decide what action to take 4. Recognize the levels involved and decide whether taking it is worthwhile 1–53. To encourage workers to report hazards, you should take which of the following steps? 1. Make workers feel comfortable and assure them of their anonymity in reporting hazards 2. Discipline workers for failing to  report  hazards 3. Award workers for reporting hazards 4. Coerce or threaten workers 1-54. Some people have a desire for recognition  and  status.  Which  of the following incentives serves as an appropriate motivator for such people? 1. Material  gain 2. Self-preservation 3. Personal comfort 4. Praise and acceptance 1-55. After a worker safely completes a job that is hazardous, which, if any, of the following awards would be appropriate? 1. A  sincere  “attaboy” 2. A letter of appreciation at the next award ceremony 3. A  week’s  leave 4. None of the above 1-56. Job motivation is achieved by which of the following means? 1. Recognition 2. Increased responsibility 3. Opportunity for achievement 4. All of the above 5

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