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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT 2 Testbook Assignment: “Mishap Causes, Prevention, and Hazard Abatement,” chapter 3, pages 3-1 through 3-17, and “Mishap Investigation Fundamentals,” chapter 4, pages 4–1 through 4-17. 2-1. 2-2. 2-3. 2-4. 2-5. What is the primary purpose of a mishap  investigation? 1. To determine culpability 2. To determine replacement cost 3. To determine the effects on operational readiness 4. To determine the causes and prevent recurrences An unplanned event that interrupts work and causes damage or injury describes which of the following terms? 1. Mishap 2. Mistake 3. Misconduct 4. Mismanagement As a supervisor, you need to understand why mishaps occur for which of the following reasons? 1. To conduct financial planning 2. To anticipate a mishap occurrence 3. To understand your job description 4. To better equip you to prevent mishap  occurrence Anything contributing to a mishap can be referred to as a/an 1. safety program deficiency 2. operating error 3. mishap cause 4. mishap According to studies, what minimum percentage of mishaps are caused by the person involved in the mishap? 1. 80% 2. 20% 3. 50% 4. 40% 2-6. What technology deals with workplace designs that minimize body stress and maximize production? 1. Economics 2. Ergonomics 3. Aerodynamics 4. Biosystematics 2-7. If a mishap occurs because of a person’s faulty depth perception, you should report which of the following cause factors for the incident? 1. Alcohol 2. Environment 3. Physical impairment 4. Temporary physical illness 2-8. The most common form of polydrug abuse is a mixture of which of the following drugs? 1. Amphetamines and barbiturates 2. Amphetamines and aspirin 3. Cocaine and marijuana 4. Alcohol and any drug 2-9. Experience has shown that when people tackle new tasks, mishaps occur for which of the reasons? 1. Lack  of  patience 2. Lack  of  initiative 3. Lack of training following 4. Lack of self-confidence 2-10. Supervisors sometimes contribute to mishaps because they have a lack in which of the following areas? 1. Knowledge of the capabilities of  their  personnel 2. Materials 3. Funds 4. Time 7

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