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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT 3 Textbook Assignment: “Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Fundamentals,” chapter 5, pages 5-1 through 5-27, and “Shore Safety,” chapter 6, pages 6-1 through  6-11. 3–1. A separate NAVOSH manual for forces afloat was issued for what reason? 1. Because of their high tempo of operations 2. Because of unique military equipment 3. To comply with OSHA standards 4. To comply with CNO’S directive 3–2. The Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program applies to which of the following groups of people? 1. Military   personnel 2. Civilian   personnel 3. Nonappropriated fund personnel 4. All of the above 3-3. Which of the following is a measure of a successful NAVOSH Program? 1. All surveys being conducted 2. NAVOSH training being conducted 3. All mishaps being reported 4. Work related injuries and illnesses being reduced 3-4. NAVOSH programs do NOT apply to naval personnel on liberty. 1. True 2. False 3. 4. 3-5. The NAVOSH Program Manual does NOT address some of the safety and health standards for personnel assigned  ashore.  In  those  cases. what safety standards should shore personnel adhere to? 1. NAVELEX 2. NSTM 3. OSHA 4. CNO 3-6. 3–7. 3-8. 3–9. Able B. Seaman is assigned to ground electronics at a naval air station. He will find the electrical safety standards that apply to his job in which of the following publications? 1. 2. 3. 4. NAVOSH Program Manual General Industry Standards NAVOSH Program Manual for Forces  Afloat Standard  Organization  and Regulations of the U.S. Navy Industrial hygiene deals with controlling the work environment to protect  the  workers’ 1. wages 2. health 3. benefits 4. working hours The legally established exposure level of a harmful physical agent is identified by which of the following terms? 1. Ceiling limit 2. Threshold limit value 3. Short-term exposure level 4. Permissible exposure limit During an industrial hygiene survey, which of the following areas should be investigated? 1. Decks  only 2. Galleys  only 3. Engineering spaces only 4. Every workplace at the facility 14

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