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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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5-9. Possesses the required skills to instruct others and provide formal training using an approved course. 1.  A 2.  C 3.  D 4.  E 5–10. Certification, unless revoked, is valid for a maximum of how many months? 1. 6 months 2. 12 months 3. 24  months 4. 36 months 5-11. The revocation of individual or team certification is mandatory when which of the following actions results in a mishap? 1. Flagrant disregard of safety precautions 2. Failure to follow authorized procedures 3. Operating explosive handling equipment recklessly 4. Each of the above 5-12. The procedures required for reporting explosives mishaps are more extensive than those required for other types of mishaps because of 1. the existence of a significant potential for damage or injury 2. the complications caused by an explosives   mishap 3. the submission requirements of various agencies 4. the great difficulty in investigating an explosives mishap 5–13. Which of the following incidents is a reportable explosives mishap? 1. Misuse of equipment resulting in  damaged  ordnance 2. A chemical release of an agent into the atmosphere that creates a serious potential for exposure 3. A failure to launch weapons 4. The unintentional arming of an explosive component 5-14. Which of the following incidents is a reportable conventional ordnance deficiency? 1. Accidental discharge of small arms 2. The unintentional launching of a weapon 3. The unintentional arming of a weapon 4. Leaking or spilled propellant fuels  and  oxidizers 5-15. A common carrier transporting explosive materials has a mishap outside  the  naval  base. Your report of this mishap should be based on which of the following instructions? 1. OPNAVINST   5100.12F 2. OPNAVINST   5100.19B 3. OPNAVINST   5102.1C 4. NAVSEA  OP  2165 5-16. What type of mishap accounts for the majority of accidental deaths of  Navy  personnel? 1. Divinq 2. Afloat 3. Aviation 4. Motor  vehicle 5–17. The highway safety program standards are contained in what instruction? 1. OPNAVINST   5100.12F 2. OPNAVINST   5100.19B 3. OPNAVINST   5100.21B 4. OPNAVINST   5100.23C 30

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