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Page Title: Hazard Reports
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of  organizations  with  ASO  billets  must  take  the following  actions: Assign  only  designated  naval  aviators  or designated naval flight officers to the ASO billet Assign a graduate of the Aviation Safety School to the ASO billet Place  the  ASO  billet  in  the  organizational structure   so   that   the   ASO   reports   to   the commander/commanding  officer  directly  or  via the  safety  department/section  head  about aviation  safety  matters Assign aviation safety as the primary duty of the person serving in the ASO billet Set up and maintain a command aviation safety program  according  to  OPNAVINST  3750.6Q Aircraft  Controlling  Custodians Aircraft controlling custodians must set up and maintain a command aviation safety program. The ASO manages  the  program.  He  or  she  also  provides  advice and help to subordinate commands in the conduct of their command aviation safety programs. Commanders of Naval and Marine Corps Airfields Commanders  of  naval  and  Marine  Corps  airfields must perform the following functions: Organize  and  maintain  a  command  aviation safety  program Coordinate a command pre-mishap plan with pre-mishap plans of nearby commands Submit  reports  of  aircraft  mishaps  occurring within  their  areas  of  responsibility Provide security for aircraft wreckage within their  area  of  responsibility Provide requested support to aircraft mishap boards (AMBs), including wreckage recovery, transportation,  and  salvage Manage  relations  with  local  authorities,  the public,  and  the  media Investigate  and  process  claims  arising  from aircraft  mishaps All Naval Aviation Personnel All  naval  aviation  personnel  must  acquaint themselves with safety regulations and directions that apply to them and their assigned duties. They must follow  established  safety  standards.  In  addition,  they must report hazards and mishaps according to their command aviation safety program and OPNAVINST 3750.6Q. HAZARD  REPORTS We  discussed  the  detection  and  elimination  of hazards earlier in the chapter. We will now address the purpose  of  hazard  reports  (HRs)  and  the  procedures  for reporting a hazard. Purpose of Hazard Reports The three purposes of hazard reports (HRs) are as follows: 1. To report a hazard and the remedial action taken so that others can take similar action to eliminate the hazard 2. To report a hazard and recommend that another organization take corrective action to eliminate the  hazard 3.   To   report   a   hazard   so   that   some   other organization   may   determine   the   proper corrective  action  to  eliminate  the  hazard Submission  of  Hazard  Reports You have an obligation to others in naval aviation to report hazards. What is a hazard? As stated earlier, a hazard is a potential cause of damage or injury. You must submit an HR whenever you detect a hazard. Command  safety  programs  must  encourage  personnel to report hazards. If the command expects a hazard to have an effect outside the organization, it must report the  hazard  to  higher  authority. You can send an HR by mail or message with the Naval  Safety  Center  as  the  sole  addressee.  Activities  or individuals  reluctant  to  identify  hazards  derived  from unique  situations  or  circumstances  may  use  this reporting method. COMNAVSAFECEN will protect the source of the report and distribute a sanitized report, as  it  believes  necessary. Reports  may  include  recommendations  for corrective action within the command. In that case, the command  should  communicate  the  mishap  prevention 8-3

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