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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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4-12. Which  of  the  following  factors  is  most  important in  referral  prospecting? 1. How  you  ask  for  referrals 2. Who  you  ask  for  referrals 3. The number you require DEP members to provide 4. The amount of blueprinting that is known prior  to  the  contact 4-13. Who Do You Know sheets should be used in which of the following ways? 1. Have DEP members fill in as many as possible 2. Use a few of the descriptions at a time 3. Ask the DEP member to answer all the questions 4-14. Every interview should end with which of the following  actions? 1. Close 2. Set a follow-up appointment 3. Document  blueprinting  information 4. Ask  for  referrals 4-15. The  recruiting  assistance  leave  program  allows participants to receive what maximum number of days of nonchargeable leave to help recruiters? 1.   4 2.   5 3.   10 4.   12 4-16. The HARP allows participants to return to their hometown to help recruiters for what specific period of time? 1. 5 days 2. 10 days 3. 12 days 4. 30  days 4-17. Which of the following personnel should be eligible  for  HARP  participation? 1. A 20-year-old FN whose leave address is 45 miles  from  the  nearest  recruiting  station 2. A 25-year-old BM2 whose leave address is 35 miles from the nearest recruiting station 3. A 20-year-old ET3 whose leave address is 20 miles  from  the  nearest  recruiting  station 4. A 21 -year-old non-high school graduate who attended  school  in  a  state  different  from  the leave  address 4-18. The Navy recruiting district may authorize HARP members to operate government vehicles. 1. True 2. False 4-19. The SEMINAR program is designed to fulfill which of the following purposes? 1. Assist in minority recruiting and enhance the Navy’s  image  in  minority  communities 2. Provide a respite for minority members to return  to  their  hometowns 3. Provide public speakers to community groups 4. Conduct conferences for minority educators 4-20. SEMINAR is performed in conjunction with which of the following types of orders? 1. Leave 2. Temporary additional duty 3. Permanent change of station 4. Special duty 4-21. When asking for referrals, which of the following techniques should you use? 1. Ask for names of people who should join the Navy 2. Paint a picture of the type of individual you are looking for 3. Be  vague  about  enlistment  qualifications 4. Promise not to mention the source 4-22. To continue getting referrals from a COI, you should  complete  which  of  the  following  actions? 1. Follow up immediately 2. Provide  feedback 3. Give   timely   recognition 4. All of the above 4-23. Leads  generated  from  local  advertising  are processed  through  which  of  the  following  offices? 1. NRD LTC 2. NOIC 3. NALTS 4. LEADS 4-24. Lead  feedback  sheets  should  be  returned  to  the LTC within what maximum period of time? 1. 5  working  days 2. 10  working  days 3. 15  working  days 4. 30 working days 21

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