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Page Title: Enlisted Programs Officer
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ENLISTED PROGRAMS OFFICER.–  The  EPO, department head for the enlisted programs department, ensures attainment of enlisted recruiting goals. Some NRDs may also have an AEPO. Director,  Navy  Recruiting  Processing  Station.–  The DNRPS  organizes  and  supervises  the  efforts  of  the support  personnel  assigned  to  the  processing  station  to ensure the efficient and proper processing of applicants for enlistment in the United States Navy. Enlisted Processing Division Supervisor.– The EPDS   manages   and   supervises   the   processing   of qualified applicants for enlistment in the U.S. Navy. l Classifier. The classifier counsels all applicants on   Navy   options available   based   on   personal qualifications. The  classifier  uses  the  Personalized Recruiting   for   Immediate   or   Delayed   Enlistment (PRIDE) system to reserve school seats and coordinates the  placement  of  applicants  in  enlistment  programs  to meet  district  goals. l   Enlisted   processing   assistant.   The   enlisted processing  assistant  (EPA)  reviews  preenlistment  kits, associated  paper  work,  and  processes  applicants  for enlistment. l Military entrance and processing station (MEPS) liaison  petty  officer.  The  MEPS  liaison  petty  officer (MLPO)  coordinates  prequalification  processing  and  is the final quality control checkpoint of applicants before acual   enlistment/reenlistment. l Enlisted programs statistician. The statistician (STATS) assists the EPO, ensuring proper collection, evaluation,  and  administration  of  data  and  statistics. l  Waiver  coordinator.  The  waiver  coordinator (WC)  is  responsible  for  the  quality  control,  review, tracking, and processing of all applicant waivers for the EPO  department. Youth  Programs  Petty  Officer.–   The  youth programs  petty  officer  (YPPO)  coordinates  and  assists recruiters  in  liaisoning  with  youths  in  the  15-  to 17-year-old   age   group   to   develop   awareness   and improve  recruiting. Chief  Recruiter.–  The CR trains the ZSs, DTs, delayed  entry  program  (DEP)  coordinator,  and  special program  recruiters.  The  CR  manages,  supervises,  and coordinates the use of all NRD resources, training, and systems to attain enlisted goals. The CR is the primary advisor to the CO in enlisted recruiting matters. l Zone supervisor. The ZS trains RINCs and helps the RINCs in training zone personnel, as required. The ZS  supervises,  manages,  and  coordinates  the  use  of  all zone  resources  to  provide  qualified  applicants  for enlistment into the U.S. Navy. l  Recruiter-in-charge. The  RINC  trains  the recruiters assigned to the NRS. Through leadership, the RINC provides supervision of NRS resources to provide qualified applicants for enlistment into the U.S. Navy. l Enlisted recruiters. The enlisted recruiters (ERs) provide qualified applicants for enlistment into the U.S. Navy. l   District   trainer.   The   DT   is   responsible   for developing  and  carrying  out  a  comprehensive  and vigorous enlisted field training program on a districtwide basis.  The  DT  provides  one-on-one  OJT  to  ERs  to improve  prospecting,  sales,  and  processing  techniques. l  6-year  obligor/nuclear  field  (NUC)  recruiter (6YONF). The 6YONF manages and coordinates the use of   Navy   recruiting   resources   to   provide   qualified applicants  for  all  6-year  obligor  and  nuclear  field programs. l R/Z recruiter. The R/Z recruiter manages and coordinates  the  use  of  Navy  recruiting  resources  to provide   qualified   applicants   for   all   prior   service programs. PUBLIC  AFFAIRS  OFFICER.–  The public affairs officer (PAO) is the principal advisor to the CO on all public  affairs  activities  and  media  relations.  The  PAO ensures  DEP  and  newly  reported  personnel  news releases are prepared and submitted. The PAO also advises on the proper use of Navy bands, vans, and exhibits,  and  liaisons  with  Navy  information  offices. SYSTEMS   ADMINISTRATOR.–   The  systems administrator (SYSAD) ensures the efficient and proper use  of  all  microcomputer  equipment  and  software. ADP SECURITY OFFICER.– The ADP security officer (ADPSO) plans, implements, and monitors the command ADP security program to ensure an adequate level of protection for the activity’s hardware, software, and  data. 1-16

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