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Page Title: Freedom of Information Act
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l  Adequate  safeguards  must  be  provided  to prevent  misuse  of  personal  information  in  records. l   Requests   of   individuals   for   notification, access, or amendment of their records must be acted on within 10 working days. l Providing personal information to the parent is an invasion of the applicant’s privacy. Only if the applicant is under 18 years of age does the parent or legal guardian have the right to access. l  All  individuals  asked  to  provide  information for  a  system  of  records  must  be  advised  of  the authority  for  collection  of  the  information,  purpose(s) for which the information will be used, and whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, as well as the consequences   of   not   providing   the   requested information. The Privacy Act statement on the back of  the  Prospect  Card,  NAVCRUIT  Form  1130/6C, may  be  used  for  this  purpose. l The required Privacy Act statement must also be given during telephone or face-to-face interviews when any part of the personal information is recorded and  retained.  It’s  not  necessary  to  cite  the  specific authority in all instances. The  following  sample Privacy  Act  statement  is  provided  for  verbal exchanges: “To  properly  assist  you  in  determining  the program that best suits your needs, I will require some personal  information  concerning  your  background. All questions are voluntary and you do not have to provide the information. However,  it  may  not  be feasible  to  properly  determine  your  eligibility  for application  without  this  information.” You may want to paraphrase the statement in your own  words.  The  following  adaptation  is  also acceptable: “I’ll need to ask some personal questions about your background to determine how the Navy can best benefit  you.  Answering  these  questions  is  purely voluntary; however, I may not be able to determine your  eligibility  without  it.” Freedom of Information Act Providing   Records   to   Members   of   the   Public Under   the   Freedom   of   Information   Act   (FOIA), COMNAVCRUITCOMINST   5720.11,   provides   policy and procedures for implementing the FOIA within the NRC.  You  should  caution  recruiters  that  serious penalties  can  be  levied  for  overenthusiastic  compliance with the FOIA that results in unwarranted invasions of privacy. All  requests  for  information  under  the provisions  of  this  act  should  be  forwarded  to  the district   Privacy   Act/FOIA   coordinator.   Requests should be forwarded as quickly as possible because they must be acted upon within 10 working days. TESTING  MATERIAL The  Navy   Recruiting   Manual-Enlisted, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST   1130.8,   provides guidance   for   storage,   security,   inventory,   and administration  of  prescreening  tests  and  test  materials. Normally  the  only  testing  materials  kept  at  the recruiting station will be enlistment screening tests (ESTs),  answer  sheets,  and  answer  keys. Enlisted  Screening  Tests Compromising   the   validity   of   the   ESTs   and completed  answer sheets  would  negate  their usefulness.  All  EST  material,  except  blank  answer sheets,  should  be  stored  in  a  locked  desk  or  file cabinet when left unattended. EST material may be stored  in  unattended,  locked  automobiles,  preferably in the trunk or otherwise out of sight. There are no stowage requirements for the blank answer sheets. REPRODUCTION.–  All EST materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring keys, and prediction tables) are authorized  for  local  reproduction. SCORING.– EST answer sheets should be scored without marking the correct answers, which would create a scoring key of each answer sheet. ANSWER SHEET RETENTION.–  Completed answer  sheets  should  be  retained  at  the  NRS  and destroyed when 3 months old, preferably by burning or  shredding. DESTRUCTION OF ESTS.– ESTs found to be unfit for further use should be destroyed by burning or shredding  under  the  supervision  of  a  person designated to handle test material. This is usually accomplished  at  the  NRD. LOSS OR COMPROMISE OF EST.–  Loss or compromise  of  EST  material  must  be  reported  to  the CO  who  should  take  appropriate  corrective  action. 4-18

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