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Page Title: No-Fault Transfers
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indebtedness. The  transfer  request  must  not  be submitted  before  final  disposition  of  NJP,  civil  action, or medical boards. When reassignment is approved, the  normal  shore  tour  will  be  terminated  and  the member will be assigned to sea duty. No-Fault  Transfers You  should  consider  recommending  a  no-fault transfer for a good Navy member who has sincerely tried to be an effective recruiter, but cannot recruit due to reasons clearly beyond his or her control. A no-fault  transfer  is  to  be  recommended  only  if  a recruiter is considered unsuitable for continued duty through no fault of his or her own. Before resorting to a no-fault transfer recommendation, make sure you have exhausted all available referral resources to help the member rectify the problem. The no-fault transfer request must list the specific reason the recruiter is being recommended for transfer, but such action will not be reflected in the service record. Some reasons for   possible   no-fault   transfer   include   medical, dependent, financial, legal, and domestic problems. Reassignments  for  approved  no-fault  transfers  will  be as follows: l 12 months or more remaining on normal shore tour. An available shore billet, closest to the NRD, will be assigned for the remainder of the normal shore tour. l  Less  than  12  months  remaining  on  normal shore  tour. An  available  shore  duty  billet,  in  the corporate limits of the NRD, will be assigned for the remainder  of  the  normal  shore  tour;  however,  if  there is no available billet, the member will be assigned to sea  duty. NEC 9586 RECRUITER CLASSIFIER The   NEC   9586   NRD   recruiter/classifier   will perform  as  a  classification  interviewer  at  NRDs. Recruiter/classifiers   will   interview   applicants   for enlistment to determine optimal program using the Personalized  Recruiting  for  Immediate  or  Delayed Enlistment (PRIDE) system. They may have signature authority  to  assign  applicants  to  programs  at  the discretion  of  the  NRD  CO.  To  receive  a  9586  NEC designator, personnel must meet the following criteria: l   Have the NEC 9585 l      Have   at   least   1   year   of   field   recruiter experience l   Be open to E-5 through E-9 personnel from any rating l    Have 2 years remaining until PRD l   Be able to type 15-20 words per minute or have,  at  a  minimum,  a  working  knowledge  of the typing keyboard l    Request the designation in writing Once the request is approved, the member attends 4 weeks  of  instruction  at  NORU  and  can  be  a  classifier only in recruiting. SDAP for NEC 9586 is the same as  for  NEC  2612  ($165  per  month).  The  CO  may return the 9586 to duties as a field recruiter (9585) at any  time  with  reinstatement  of  SDAP-5  ($275). CHANGE  OF  STATION  MOVES Due to the large geographic area covered by an NRD,  there  are  times  when  you  may  need  to recommend  a  change  of  station  move  within  the District. Before requesting change of station moves, you need to consider several factors: l  Could  your  objective  be  met  with  additional training   of   personnel   in   place? If   you   are recommending  a  move  to  fill  a  RINC  position, carefully  consider  the  personnel  currently  at  the recruiting station. If you can institute an intensive training  program  to  allow  one  of  them  to  take  the RINC  position,  that  is  the  route  you  should  choose. .  Does  the  move  promote  upward  mobility?  If you are recommending a lateral move, there will be little  benefit  for  the  individual  being  uprooted. l  Is  territory  familiarization  time  offset?  It takes  time  for  recruiters  to  familiarize  themselves  with the territory and become known to the community. Will  time  left  on  board  offset  this  indoctrination period? .   Is   the   loss   of   stability/consistency   offset? Anytime  a  move  occurs  there  is  some  loss  of  stability and consistency at both stations as personnel adapt to the  new  environment  and  personnel.  You  need  to weigh the benefits of your recommendation against this loss. 3-30

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