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Page Title: Prior Service
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“C” Cell “C” cells are lower mental group HSDGs. This market may be freely recruited. “D” Cell “D” cells are lower mental group NHSGs. We do not enlist this market. PRIOR SERVICE The prior service market is composed of individuals who have served on active duty in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or any of the Reserve components for a minimum of 180 consecutive days for paygrades E-4 and above or 365 consecutive days for paygrades E-1 through E-3. Although the prior service prospects have experience to offer, their enlistment is restricted based on current manning needs. The prior service market is divided into two categories — Navy veterans (NAVETs) and other service veterans (OSVETs). Marketing efforts for prior service personnel are contingent upon goals within your district. MINORITY MARKETS You also should consider your territory’s minority markets. You should identify the location of Black upper mental group (BUMG) and Hispanic upper mental group (HUMG) populations. The concept of minority upper mental group goaling is to ensure each population group is equally represented within the Navy. TERRITORY ANALYSIS Territory analysis consists of gathering together as much marketing information as you can about your specific territory and making some educated assumptions about your market. This information is used to develop prospecting plans, recommend manning requirements and facility locations, and evaluate goals, and becomes the basis for your input to the district’s marketing operations plan. STANDARDIZED TERRITORY EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS FOR MANAGEMENT The Standardized Territory Evaluation and Analysis for Management (STEAM) process of market analysis is used at all districts. The STEAM is a systematic analysis of the district. Zone and Navy recruiting station (NRS) boundaries, educational institutions, and populations are identified by ZIP Codes. After a thorough analysis of STEAM data and subjective factors, sound decisions can be made on recruiter assignment and goaling. Purpose Recruiting success requires that you locate the recruitable population and assign goals based on the market. Market identification makes sure each NRS has a fair share of the market and goals are fairly apportioned based on that share of the market. Updating Requirements and Reports A complete STEAM is conducted at each Navy recruiting district (NRD) every 24 months. Area marketing staffs schedule and provide technical guidance for the STEAM process. The STEAM is updated annually upon receipt of the ZIP Code Market Analysis (ZCMA) report and quarterly upon receipt of the Department of Defense (DOD) all service accession data report. Initial STEAM information and updates will be issued in District, Zone, and Station Level Market Share reports. ZCMA REPORT.– Commander, Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) Code 22 annually distributes the ZCMA report to the Area and district level. Figure 5-2 is a sample ZCMA report. This report gives the following information by station and ZIP Code: . Primary target market population (males 17 to 21 years old) total and black and Hispanic segments. l Secondary target market population (males 22 to 29 years old). l Current student Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) results for males only, including the total number of males testing in the upper mental group and percentage, total testing in categories 3L and 4, total tested, and the same information broken out separately for black and Hispanic testers. These numbers only reflect institutional ASVAB results and do not reflect ASVABs given at mobile examining team (MET) sites or military entrance and processing stations (MEPS). l NAVET military available, based on information provided on DD Forms 214N. 5-2

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