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Page Title: Recruiter Qualification Standards
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NOTE:  You  do  not  need  to  relist  indoctrination training  in  the  training  syllabus. RQS Qualification Sheet The  original  RQS  qualification  sheet  will  be maintained  in  the  individual’s  training  jacket  until  an RQS board is held. Upon completion of the RQS board, the original sheet will be maintained at the NRD and a copy  will  be  placed  in  the  training  record. RECRUITER  QUALIFICATION  STANDARDS The  Navy  Recruiting  Command  established  the  RQS system to standardize OJT and reinforce the initial and follow-on  training  received  by  recruiters,  recruiting managers,  and  support  personnel.  The  RQS  system ensures  all  recruiting  personnel  attain,  demonstrate,  and sustain  the  basic  knowledge  and  skill  levels  necessary  to perform their assigned recruiting duties effectively. It also  provides  a  valuable  method  for  evaluating  and selecting those individuals best suited to assume billets of  greater  recruiting  responsibility.  The  Recruiting Qualification Standards  –  Enlisted   (RQS-ENL), COMNAVCRUITCOMINST   1136.2,   contains   RQS modules and management guidance. REQUIREMENTS All recruiting personnel must qualify under the RQS system  for  their  present  billet.  Career  Recruiter  Force (CRF) personnel must qualify for the next higher billet after  qualifying  in  their  assigned  billet.  The  requirement for chief recruiter (CR) certification may be waived by the   Commander, N a v y    R e c r u i t i n g    A r ea (COMNAVCRUITAREA)  until  assignment  to  a  CR billet  is  imminent.  Navy  Enlisted  Classification  (NEC) code 9585 personnel may voluntarily qualify for the next  higher  billet  and  must  do  so  when  directed  by higher authority. QUALIFICATION  GUIDELINES All modules must be completed within a maximum of 180 days for qualification. Each module contains a total point value of 600 points. Trainees must complete a minimum of 100 points each month to be “on track” for  RQS  qualification. Extensions The  RQS  training  officer  (the  enlisted  programs officer  [EPO]  for  enlisted  programs  personnel)  may grant  a  one-time  extension  during  the  qualification period and a one-time extension for final RQS board qualification. An extension period may not exceed 30 days. Exceptions The  district  commanding  officer  (CO)  may  approve an exception to the RQS qualification time in unique situations,  such  as  medical  problems  or  emergency leave. RQS  DISQUALIFICATION Personnel who fail to maintain RQS for their billet should  be  disqualified.  An  individual  is  disqualified  at the  CO’s  determination  as  follows: l  The  individual  fails  to  maintain  required standards of billet in which qualified and serving. A letter  of  disqualification  is  given  to  the  individual.  The CO may assign the individual to a lower billet or direct the individual to requalify in the present billet. l The individual meets criteria for fault transfer. Fault transfer procedures are implemented. Refer to chapter  3. l  The  individual  meets  criteria  for  no-fault transfer. No-fault transfer procedures are implemented. Refer to chapter 3. The CO may recommend retention of qualification if circumstances in the no-fault transfer warrant. NOTE: CRF designation (NEC 2186) is removed for any person being disqualified under fault or no-fault conditions. REQUALIFICATION Personnel  who  previously  qualified  in  an  RQS position must requalify at each NRD assigned. Specific procedures for those personnel transferring between districts and those returning to recruiting duty are listed in the following two paragraphs. Transfer  Between  Districts For  recruiters  and  RINCs  a  full  RQS  qualification board will be convened within 3 months of the reporting date  without  the  requirement  to  complete  the  RQS module. A one-time 3-month extension is authorized for an  individual  failing  to  board  qualify.  For  ZSs,  an 2-6

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