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Page Title: Supplemental Testing
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opposite  sex  in  the  same  grade.  This  additional information  gives  counselors  more  assistance  in interpreting the scores for students. The school tests results summary by grade gives counselors an overall picture of how their students are performing in relation to  the  reference  population.  Recruiters  receive  the ASVAB-14  Service  Printout  7  to  10  days  after  the schools  receive  their  results.  This  printout  provides recruiters with students’ personal data (name, grade, sex, address, and phone number), the students’ scores and AFQT  score,  military  aptitude  composites,  and  the students’  plans  after  graduation.  Also  included  are  any special instructions the school may have indicated for using the information for recruiting purposes. It is vital that recruiters honor any special instructions that have been given by the school. The school may indicate any of the following options covering the use of the data: l    No special instructions l    No recruiter contact until 60 days after results are returned .    No recruiter contact until 90 days after results are returned l     No recruiter contact until 120 days after results are returned l    No recruiter contact until the end of the school year l  No telephone solicitations l  Not valid for enlistment purposes l  No recruiter contact from this listing of student results Production  Tests Production versions of the ASVAB are administered at  MEPS  and  Mobile  Examining  Team  (MET)  sites across the nation. RETEST POLICIES.– Immediate retests may be authorized  by  the  MEPS  commander  for  applicants tested under adverse conditions or considered to have attained   inflated   scores   through   improper   means. Otherwise, testers must wait 1 calendar month after an initial  ASVAB  test  for  a  retest.  After  one  retest, applicants must wait 6 calendar months before another retest  can  be  requested.  Recruiters  should  be  cautioned to  verify  test  dates  as  any  retests  given  before  the mandatory waiting period will be invalid. Applicants must then wait 6 calendar months to retest. Applicants with qualifying AFQTs should not be retested simply to increase their score or qualify for a specific program. COMPROMISE   AND   PROHIBITED   PRAC- TICES.– All ASVAB test compromise incidents must be reported immediately to the CO via the chain of com- mand, so the CO can report the incident to MEPCOM headquarters by telephone. Most compromise situations are  easily  defined.  The  Navy  Recruiting  Manual  - Enlisted, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8, gives a list  of  actions  and  situations  that  constitute  compromise. Recruiters  should  be  trained  in  identifying  compromise situations  and  understand  that  any  action  that  might  be construed  as  helping  applicants  in  testing  must  be avoided. Recruiters are allowed to give applicants the USMEPCOM   publication,   Your  Future  is  Now,  for ASVAB  familiarization.  They  also  may  give  applicants expected  to  take  the  Nuclear  Field  Qualifying  Test (NFQT) the following items: the chemical periodic table of the elements, math and physics RAD items, and the Navy correspondence course,  Mathematics, volume I. Recruiters are prohibited from conducting any formal or informal training sessions, using commercially prepared ASVAB  information  and  study  guides,  referring applicants  to  commercial  schools  or  courses  whose purpose is to familiarize applicants with the ASVAB, or becoming involved with any other sort of coaching or unauthorized  ASVAB  familiarization. CONVERSION.–   Raw  scores,  the  number  of questions answered correctly, are converted to standard scores  for  each  subtest  of  the  ASVAB.  Conversion charts for current ASVAB versions are contained in the Navy  Recruiting  Manual  -  Enlisted,  COMNAVCRUIT- COMINST  1130.8.  AFQT  scores  for  ASVABs  taken after  3  January  1989  are  computed  by  adding  the standard  scores  of  2(VE)  +  MK  +  AR.  Figure  6-13 shows each subtest, the abbreviation, the number of questions  in  each  subtest,  and  the  derived  scores equations. SUPPLEMENTAL  TESTING There are two types of supplemental testing that the Navy uses for program qualification, the NFQT and the Defense  Language  Aptitude  Battery  (DLAB). 6-41

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