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Page Title: Support Network
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apply  gentle  pressure  to  the  forehead.  Breathe  in through the nose, out through the mouth. Alternate nostrils. SUPPORT  NETWORK A good support network can reduce stress as well as help prevent it.    Feeling that we have someone to turn to increases our confidence and well-being so that we are better prepared to meet those daily stressors. To  determine  if  you  have  a  good  support  network  ask yourself what person you have in your life who will provide the following functions: l  Listening l   Providing l   Providing l   Playing personal  guidance technical  guidance AUTOGENIC   RELAXATION Autogenic relaxation can be as simple as telling yourself  you  are  relaxed.  There  are  a  number  of commercially   prepared   tapes   that   use   autogenic relaxation techniques. This is a form of self-hypnosis that  we  can  use  to  talk  ourselves  down  to  a  more serene   consciousness. PROGRESSIVE  RELAXATION A  number  of  commercially  produced  audio  and video  tapes  are  available  to  lead  you  through progressive   relaxation. The  concept  is  based  on becoming aware of each set of muscles individually, then progressively relaxing the muscles until the entire body is completely relaxed. This helps rid the body of  unwanted  tensions  and  allows  for  a  more rejuvenating rest. Many tapes use the sensations of warmth  and  heaviness  to  promote  deep  relaxation. PERSONAL COPING STRATEGIES In  developing  personal  strategies  for  coping  with stress, we must realize that a certain amount of stress is  absorbed,  You  can  be  better  prepared  to  absorb stress by taking care of yourself. Some stress must be adapted to. It may require a change in the way you lead your life or think about situations. Most stress can be managed. Our skills in time management, handling   conflict,   communication,   influencing, negotiation, and assertiveness can all help in stress management.  Most  importantly,  choose  the  coping strategies  that  work  for  you.  Give  each  a  try.  If  it works, great, you have a personal coping strategy. If it  doesn’t,  maybe  it  will  be  a  method  that  you  can pass on to someone else. COMBINED DEFINITION OF STRESS “Stress  is  a  physiological  and/or  psychological response  to  our  perception  and  appraisal  of  a  demand placed on us.” This definition takes into account both the mental and  physical  aspects  of  stress. Demands  will  be placed upon us. We are in a demanding profession. This definition helps us to understand that stress is  our response to  our  perception  and  appraised  of  those demands. We have a lot of control over our stress. COUNSELING AND REFERRAL SOURCES You should be familiar with counseling techniques from  previous  experience  and  Navy  leadership courses. Military   Requirements   for   Chief   Petty Officer, NAVEDTRA 12047, also offers a section on counseling personnel. Regardless  of  the  type  of counseling you are conducting, it is important to keep in mind that your objective is to give your personnel support  in  dealing  with  problems  so  that  they  can  be productive   members   of   the   organization.   An important   aspect   of   counseling   is   being   able   to recognize when it’s time to refer your recruiters to someone  else.  Due  to  the  relative  isolation  from  other Navy facilities, it is not always easy to make those referrals.  You  cannot  advise  beyond  your  area  of expertise. Some  situations  demand  professionals. When   you   find   yourself   faced   with   personnel problems  that  are  beyond  your  ability  to  solve,  notify the  next  person  in  your  chain  of  command.  If  the problem   requires   assistance   from   outside   the command, smooth the way and have the information available.  The  following  support  resources  may  be useful. FAMILY SERVICE CENTERS Family   service   centers’   core   skills   for   living program  offers  stress  management,  suicide  prevention, financial  education,  personal  enrichment,  and  family enrichment   services. They  also  provide  relocation assistance,  deployment  support,  and  special  needs 3-22

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