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Page Title: Travel Requests, Bulk Tickets, and Meal Tickets
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TRAVEL REQUESTS, BULK TICKETS,  AND  MEAL  TICKETS A  security  container  with  a  combination  lock should  be  used  to  store  transportation  and  meal tickets.   Accountability   of   these   items   must   be maintained. Usage Logs Each   NRS   maintains   a   log   containing   the following as a minimum: l  TR  and/or  bulk  ticket  log.  Serial  number  of government tickets, name of person using the ticket, origin, destination, and date of issue. A report of the TRs used during the month is submitted on the last day of the month. Negative reports are not required. l Meal ticket log. Date issued and the name of person(s)  the  ticket(s)  is(are)  issued  to. Returning TRs TRs  returned  for  any  reason  must  be  sent  via certified  mail  or  hand  carried  to  the  NRD  by authorized  personnel. LETTER TO POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS Names, local addresses, and phone numbers of all recruiters assigned to the NRS must be submitted to the  local  police  and  fire  departments.  This requirement also applies to part-time offices where minor/plant property or files are located. A sample letter is shown in figure 4-7. STATION  ADMINISTRATION The  administration  of  an  NRS  is  not  all  that different  from  any  other  professional  Navy  office.  We are   responsible   for   incoming   and   outgoing correspondence. We  are  required  to  maintain  the publications  and  directives  that  pertain  to  our  mission. We also have periodic reports that require submission and  review.  The  following  paragraphs  detail  these requirements as they pertain to the Navy recruiting environment. The following paragraphs give you an overview of the SSIC,  periodic  report  tiles,  and  updating  requirements. Standard Subject Identification Codes The  Navy  uses  the  SSIC  system  to  identify subjects and provide a standard tiling method for all correspondence  and  directives.  Each  major  subject group indicates a broad subject. Within that major subject  group,  the  code  also  may  identify  specific subjects that fall under the broad subject. An example would be: 1000- Military Personnel 1100-  Recruiting 1133- Enlisted Recruiting Figure 4-8 gives a listing of each major subject group within the SSIC system and some of the more specific  codes  you  may  want  to  use  in  your  NRS filing system. You may consolidate more if you find file  numbers  not  being  used,  Most  administrative offices have separate tiles for incoming and outgoing correspondence.  This  is  not  necessary  in  the recruiting station. You can use your station files for all  correspondence,  reports,  information  pamphlets,  or anything else you need to file. The idea is that all subjects fall under a number in the system. This way you and anyone else can retrieve information from your  files. Periodic Report Files You  should  maintain  a  file  folder  for  each periodic report. The folder should contain copies of reports  submitted,  blank  forms,  and  a  copy  of  the instruction covering submission, if applicable. These folders  can  be  filed  under  the  appropriate  number within your SSIC filing system or in a separate file drawer. Some periodic reports that you should have folders for are as follows: l  TR/meal  ticket  logs l  OPE  claims l Recruiting referral recognition requests l  ESTs STATION  FILES l Station applicant logs Station  files  should  be  maintained  according  to  the Department   of   the   Navy   Standard   S u b j e ct Identification  Codes  (SSICs),  SECNAVINST  5210.11. l Station planners 4-20

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