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2-27. If a ship has two magnetic compasses, what is the second compass  called? 1. Back-up  compass 2. Standard  compass 3. Checking  compass 4.    Auxiliary compass 2-28. The notation "PSC" after courses and  bearings  indicates  the  readings were obtained using which of the following   compasses? 1. Steering 2. Standard 3. Selsyn 4. Synchronized 2-29. Which of the following precautions must be observed in the vicinity of a  magnetic  compass? 1. A compass should not be placed near iron or steel equipment that will be frequently moved 2. The immediate vicinity should be kept free of sources of magnetism,   particularly   those of  a  changing  nature 3.    No source of magnetism should be  permitted  within  a  radius  of several  feet 4.    All of the above IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  2-30  THROUGH  2-33, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE DEFINITION THAT MATCHES THE COMPASS BINNACLE COMPONENT IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A. COMPONENT    B. DEFINITION 2-30. 2-31. 2-32. 2-33. Card Magnets Gimbals 1. 2. Binnacle 3. 4. Serves to house the  compass Several  bars  are used  to  correct and align the compass Has  a  jeweled bearing  that rides on a pivot point Permits  the compass  to  remain level 2-34. 2-35. 2-36. 2-37. 2-38. 2-39. 2-40. What are the two influences that must be taken into account when compass  error  is  determined? 1. Variation and deviation 2. Gyro error and variation 3. Annual change and variation 4. Gyro error and deviation The amount a compass is deflected from  the  magnetic  meridian  because of the effects of the ship's iron defines which of the following terms? 1. Deviation 2. Degradation 3.    Declination 4. Depreciation The amount of deviation varies as the ship changes course. 1. True 2. False What is the process of correcting for  deviation  called? 1.    Adjusting the compass 2.    Swinging  ship 3. Swinging  the  compass 4. Compensating  the  compass Refer to figure 2-8 in the text. The magnetic compass deviation table shows the "ships head magnetic" in increments of how many degrees? 1. 2. 10° 3. 15° 4. 20° What does the bottom of the magnetic compass table indicate? 1. The date and ship's position 2.    Magnet placements only 3.    Flinders bar placements only 4. Magnet and flinders bar placements Refer to figure 2-8 in your text. If the magnetic course is 150° (DG OFF), what is the approximate compass  course? 1. 146° 2. 147° 3. 148° 4. 152° 9

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